Details of Mobile Legends Skin Collection System

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has recently added a new skin collection system feature to the Advance Server and is yet to go live on the original server.


The newest Skin Collection System feature will determine the skins obtained and collected by the players and their corresponding points. Collectors may also obtain exclusive rewards like the Collection Master Avatar Border, Collection Flag, loading effects, and an exclusive collection name title after reaching certain points.

The skins that will be counted for the collection system will be all the Legend skins, Collectors, Limited Epic skins, Event-exclusive skins, including Collab and Skin-series skins, Epics, Special, Elites, Starlight skins, and even Basic skins. All tiers of skin will have points attributed to them; the rarer the skin, the higher the points.

Here are the following points attributed to each skin tier:

Supreme Skins

This contains all the Legend Skins, with each owned Legend Skin being equivalent to 4000 collection points. Currently, there are only 9 Legend Skins, including Freya’s Galactic Vanquisher, Gord’s Conqueror, Lunox’s Divine Goddess, Franco’s King of Hell, Miya’s Modena Butterfly, Valir’s Infernal Blaze, Alucard’s Obisidian Blade, Gusion’s Cosmic Gleam, and Saber’s Codename - Storm.

Grand Skins

Owning any skin in the Grand Skins category will grant you 3000 points. The Grand Skins are usually collaboration skins for all skin series, including KOF, Kungfu Panda, Transformers, Sanrio Characters, Jujutsu Kaisen, Star Wars, Saint Seiya, and Attack on Titan.

The All Skins series includes Mistbenders, The Aspirants, 11.11 skins, Exorcist, Beyond the Clouds, Dawning Stars, Abyss, Allstar, Zenith, Prime skins, Ducati, and Neobeasts skins.

Exquisite Skins

Skins from this category grant you 2000 collection points. The skins in this category are all collector skins, new Christmas skins, limited-epic skins, and annual starlight skins.

Fine Skins

Skins from the Fine Skins category grant you 400 collection points. Skins in this category are:
  • Epic Skins
  • Skin-series Skins: Venom skins, Lightborn, Blazing Axe, Saber skins, New Valentine skins, MSC skins, Lunar Fest skins, Sparkle skins, Stun skins, Mythic skins, and Dragon Tamer skins.
  • Zodiac skins
  • M1, M2, M3, M4, and M5 skins, and Champion skins.
  • Collab skins: Neymar Collab skins, Bronze Saint Seiya skins.
Uncommon Skins

Owning skins from the Uncommon Skins category will grant you 200 collection points. Skins in this category include: starlight skins, special skins, old Valentine skins, old Christmas-themed skins, summer skins, Halloween skins, and all other special tier skins.

Common Skins

Each single skin in this category will grant you 100 collection points, and it includes all basic skins, elite skins, and all ranked season rewards skins.


As aforementioned, reaching certain points has its corresponding level and reward. Here’s what you can get, depending on your collection level:
  • Level 1 Collector (1000 points): Random Emote Chest
  • Level 2 Collector (4000 points): Collector Common Skin Pack Players get to choose 1 out of 12 common skins.
  • Level 3 Collector (10000 points): Collector Uncommon Skin Pack Players get to choose 1 out of 12 uncommon skins.
  • Level 4 Collector (22000 points): Collection Master Avatar Border
  • Level 5 Collector (40000 points): Collector Flag. It can be used to change the flag in a team lobby.
  • Level 6 Collector (72000 points): Collector Fine Skin Pack Players get to choose one out of four fine skins. Skins include Alice’s “Darknet Temptress," Fanny’s “Heart Afloat," Claude’s “Heart Aflame," and Sun’s “Spring Blessings” skins.
  • Level 7 Collector (120000 points): Exclusive Loading Effect “Iridescence”.
  • Level 8 Collector (200000 points): Exclusive Loading Effect (Astral Flow”) and exclusive Collector name title.
Splash Art of Alice's New Epic Skin "Darknet Temptress"


It is still unknown when this feature will come to the original server, but it is expected to go live on the next patch update.