Detroit: Become Human is getting its Manga Version with an Android Idol as the Protagonist

Quantic Dream’s top-selling adventure game, Detroit: Become Human, is getting a manga spinoff!


Titled as Detroit: Become Human Tokyo Stories, the manga spinoff continues the game’s story in the near future of Japan. Written by Saruwatari Kazami and drawn by Moto Sumida, the writing process is supervised by the game’s developer, Quantic Dream.


The story of the original Detroit: Become Human is set in Detroit in 2038. Advanced androids with human-like intelligence and almost indistinguishable appearance were manufactured during this year. However, one of the androids wakes up with an ego and emotions that he shouldn’t have and fights for the right that he deserves.


While in the Detroit: Become Human Tokyo Stories, the story takes place in Japan with the android idol “Reina” gaining immense popularity, showing a bright future for android operation in contrast in the United States because of the anti-android sentiment.


However, with the emergence of Reina, some humans who have been deprived of their profession by androids are showing their dissatisfaction and are starting to appear. The Detroit: Become Human Tokyo Stories story starts when a mutant android appears and acts of its own will instead of the “role” it was given.

The manga was released last July 22 in Japan on Comic Bridge. No announcements were made if Detroit: Become Human Tokyo Stories will have its English-language version.