Developer Com2uS shares the first look of its metaverse Com2Verse

Metaverse has been the talk of the town recently especially when the parent company of Facebook is now known as Meta in which they aim to create a metaverse where humanity can prosper.


As metaverse is now widely known, almost all major companies either plan to create their own version of it or if not, they are heavily researching the possibilities of metaverse. Korean game developer and publisher Com2uS might be the first company to give us an actual look of their metaverse names as Com2Verse.

Com2Verse is an “all-in-one mirror world metaverse platform” that manifests real life online as it is. The real world systems that we experience here in the actual world such as society, culture, and economy are being transferred to the digital world in which they are made into real life spaces where daily life takes place.

The Com2Verse is divided into several world such as “Office World” for smart work space; “Commercial World” that provides services such as finance, medical care, education, and distribution; “Theme Park World” where users can enjoy various leisures of life like games, music, movies, and performances; and “Community World” that focuses on daily communication and sharing.

The concept video shown above perfectly shows how the metaverse connects work, life, and leisure into the virtual city of Com2Verse which ideally contains the metaverse direction that Com2uS pursues which is “a space for life, not a service”.

The prototype video below shows a smooth metaverse work environment for workers regardless of physical distance with short-distance video chat for communication, basic work support such as commuting, schedule management, meetings by size, and presentations for employees of resident companies.

In particular, the video shows users obtaining token rewards for their activities and performances done. This introduces the “Metanomics” of the independent blockchain economic system currently being built by Com2uS Group.

This is a token economy cycle that Com2uS plans to introduce in which different activities of users in the metaverse are linked to economic rewards, and in return, the rewards will turn into consumer goods such as digital assets and services.

Com2Verse seems to have more things to offer, let’s wait for further details that Com2uS will share in the future.