Developer Gravity is Preparing to Launch Three More Ragnarok Titles Later This Year

As the whole of Southeast Asia is waiting for the launch of Ragnarok X: Next Generation under the new publisher Nuverse, which is a gaming platform under Bytedance(owner of TikTok), Korean developer Gravity, is preparing to launch 3 more games based on the Ragnarok IP for the rest of 2021.


The three games that will be launching later this year are The Lost Memories: A Song Of Valkyrie (mobile), Project S (mobile), and .Ragnarok Begins (PC). Project S has already been known for quite some time as its development has already started some time ago, although Gravity Neocyon has just recently ramped up the recruitment for the development of Project S to get the desired outcome of the game.



Gravity appears to be too eager in launching Ragnarok titles. As there are already a lot of Ragnarok games out there and now, another three is being added in the list, though not unwelcome, Ragnarok may experience brand fatigue and it may cause some of the gamers to not have any interest in the game. Though we don’t have the right to complain, let’s just hope that these upcoming three Ragnarok titles will be successful!