Developer Update: Season 9 - New Content


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Jul 14, 2018
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Hi everyone, this is Arnold, I’m in charge of battle experience and hero balance. Now I’d like to talk about the coming updates of several equipment items, which includes:

1. Equipment now can have active skills
Until now, all of the equipment skills were passives, which reduced the difficulty in gameplay.

Now we think it’s time to add active skills to some equipment items to bring more possibilities to the battlefield. We believe that well-timed use of certain equipment skills could lead to brilliant counterattacks or even a victorious team battle.

We also hope that these equipment items can add more fun to everyone’s experience

2.DPS Equipment & Heroes’ Attack Effects

Although more and more DPS heroes have been coming to ML, their DPS equipment sets are all roughly the same. Take, for example, Berserker's Fury, which is seen across many builds and used in almost all roles.

However, we believe that heroes with special basic attacks, like Karrie, should choose equipment items that highlight their specialty, instead of those that simply buff critical damage.

We are happy to announce that we designed this equipment for these kinds of unique heroes, and hope our players can explore their creativity with the new variety in equipment choices!

3.Equipment for Mages

Some of our mages are not strong at laning, especially single-burst or assassin type mages. Seeing this trend, we wanted to make sure that these kinds of mages do fall behind their peers’ in-game growth rate.

We found our solution in Chang’e’s passive skill, as well as high-level jungling equipment. However, we designed the equipment to have high-risk and high-rewards. What this means is: Play well enough, and you’ll have a powerful mage who can make major contributions to battles.

But! Frequent misuse will practically negate the equipment’s benefits.

4.Recovery equipment for non-DPS heroes

Non-DPS heroes are often positioned as tanks that take on a vast amount of damage in team battles. But after that, they seldom recover HP through spell vamp, which means they’re hardly able to last long enough for next scrimmage.

In order to fix this, we designed some new equipment to give these heroes the regenerative abilities they need and to free them from the hassle of recalling after each scrimmage.

5.Equipment that counters huge damage a to a single hero

We hope to bring more equipment choices for players when they face heroes with high DPS. However, Mages with Burst Damage, like Eudora, will still be strong opponents. Primarily, we designed these equipment items to counter those heroes who can quickly inflict high Physical Damage.

The main benefit of these equipment items is their cost-effectiveness against heroes with high burst DPS skills or equipments. But! The drawback of these equipment items is that they will be less effective against other types of heroes.

Except for the equipment items listed above, we have also adjusted and revamped some existing equipment.

We hope that these changes can bring more diversified experiences in the upcoming season and that our players have fun exploring the many new choices they now have when it comes to equipment sets.