Developers Discussion for Genshin Impact - What to Expect in Patch 1.2 PC PlayStation iOS Android 

We all know that 1.1 had made great improvements in the game, alongside other things such as the reputation system which made me have better control of my Battle Pass progression more than anything, it was a worthwhile patch but it really seems that we are not there yet where we can consider that Genshin has totally improved for the better, thus, let us see what awaits us in the future patches that the game will have for us.

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Private Message Feature

Sometimes our fellow travelers miss out on each other when playing the game, while some have different schedules, they still wish for a way to communicate with each other despite having time differences to coordinate their artifact runs or boss rushes, well, it is time to make that happen in 1.2 in which the developers confirm a way to do it with regards to sending a message with their friends in the friends' screen.

Even if you are offline, you can still receive messages from your friends and vice versa.

Special Nickname Option

Now, some of our friends just love to change nicknames just because they can or they feel that "Name #21" is better than their previous nicknames in the game, if you are tired of keeping track of those, great news! In 1.2, you can select a friend and add a special name close to their note to remember them, hopefully, this would avoid unnecessary unfriends because you do not know who is the player now with their nickname changes.

Trackable Pins

Ever want to go to a location but you cannot navigate on your end there. Well, for those who have poor navigation skills such as me, there is going to be a trackable feature in the pins now. But you can only track one pin in the area, so make sure to select which one you'd like to go to once you have set your pins.

Easy Repeatable Domains

It is a hassle to return to the outside world if you plan to smash the domain down with your squad but you are feeling hassled with going back outside just to play again. Well, the developers have seen the issue and you can start the domain again once you have gathered the goodies or your buddies have decided that they want to go another round. How about that??

Insta-Collect Rewards

Alongside the one mentioned earlier, if you are having trouble collecting all the rewards and feel like even those seconds are time-wasting in terms of efficiency, in 1.2, they plan to make sure that it automatically enters the inventory, gone are the days where you might forget one piece that you did not thoroughly check when it dropped on the ground. More to efficiency!

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Other Co-op Improvements

Ever get pissed when you are checking the artifacts that you have gathered but people be like leaving in your world and you get to be interrupted at it? Quite annoying right? Well, they can now leave freely if they like without interrupting you anymore according to the devs of the game. Furthermore, disbanding a team is quite easy now, you will not be worried about kicking them one by one in the game. Just simply click "Return to Singleplayer" then voila! Everyone returns to their world.

Auto-play and Animation Skip

You know what, we get it. Some of you just want to play the game quickly or are too lazy to click the buttons to proceed with the dialogue, but we get it. Since after all, we just want to read the dialogue and not be pressing a lot of buttons just because you need to progress the story, well, they have now an auto-play feature which after the audio clip finishes, the cutscene will continue, of course, you can stop and pause it if you like but you know have the power what to do on the dialogues.

Furthermore, the animation that shows during a new battle pass can now be skipped if you just wish to see the battle pass right away. It is quite a shame as the battle pass story has some tidbits to what is happening between the main story and before it transpired.

Replay Cutscenes and Dialogues Mechanic

Finally, if you wish to relive a dialogue line that you deemed to be screenshot-worthy or wish to re-experience the touching, exciting, and captivating moments of the story, there will be a replay feature for both the Archon Quests and the Story Quests via the Travel Log in the Archive feature. Again, this will also appear in 1.2 so be on the lookout!



More quality of life features for the players and ways to remember the game's story, while this may be far from what the other people have been requesting like resin changes, these changes are still a step in the right direction. So, I believe after these changes, which are definitely positive for me, the pressing ones would be dealt with, right miHoYo? For more information, join the Genshin Impact discussion now!