Development Of An MMO Based On League of Legends Universe Was Confirmed By Riot's Vice President

Just when I thought Riot's final blast for 2020 will end with Ruined King: A League of Legends Story, another surprise just came up recently. A Senior Executive from Riot confirmed in a tweet that an MMO based on the League of Legends universe is in development. While it is true that fans are requesting an MMO version of League, we all know how hard it would be to create it.

Snipped From Ruined King: A League of Legends Story Trailer
Tencent, and Riot themselves, know how to please their fans. They've been successful in getting the attention of the gaming community throughout the whole year. From launching Valorant, new champions and item overhaul in League, and the awesome showcase of the Ruined King. And just a week ago, 13 to 14 days before the year ends, a new announcement was made.

She just nailed the question right there. And, yes, Ghostcrawler confirmed it. Wait, who's Ghostcrawler?

Another good question. Greg Street is formerly known as a lead designer of World of Warcraft from Blizzard Entertainment. Well, Greg was also a previous lead designer of League of Legends after joining Riot. Now, he's the Vice President of IP and Entertainment of Riot and known as Ghostcrawler in the gaming community. And, wait, he has some news for aspiring game devs out there.

He's giving a real emphasis on HIRING. This only means that this MMO League project will be huge. But, as of the moment, there's no further detail regarding the game that was released. Don't worry tho. The moment we smell some news, we'll give you an update right away. For now, why not enjoy Riot's fine library of games or patiently wait for the coming of Ruined King: A League of Legends Story.

It's truly exciting, isn't it? Imagine the limitless possibilities of what Riot can make with their vast range of characters and lore. What if you can create a character and pick your own race? Would you like to live in the toxic environment of Zaun or fight for the name of Demacia? What if instead of a personally tailored character, you'll play as a League champion? What if I can play as a badass Yasuo or Yone? Honestly, my mind is racing whenever I try to think of it!

That's it for now, summoners! I think it's enough to keep your hope and hype up. Crediting time! Huge thanks to Riot Games, of course, for the content and images I've used. Special thanks to Greg Street for the announcement and Richelle for asking the right question. We've got another huge thing to look forward to despite the hard times brought by COVID-19.

I know you're thrilled as much as I am. So, why not join us in our LoL PH - League of Legends discussion now!​