Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat global version confirmed

There's a new update on Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat's English release. The Nebulajoy title is heading west, with Nebulajoy confirming a DMC: Peak of Combat English worldwide release for the smartphone game on Twitter. It was stated that DMC: Peak of Combat will be the official name across the world, as opposed to alternative versions. It was also announced that there would be additional languages accessible than simply English.


Here's what Nebulajoy had to say about the DMC: Peak of Combat English mobile release. (It's worth noting that Nebulajoy was formerly known as Yunchang Games.)

“We are aware that many of you are excited and are asking for the global release of DMC: Peak of Combat.

And can fully confirm that our team is working day and night to make the game in English and other languages so that all of you may experience this excitement.”

The DMC: Peak of Combat mobile game, like the standard Devil May Cry games, includes selecting characters such as Dante and Lady and fighting demons. Your aim is to eliminate them as soon as possible while maintaining a fashionable appearance.

In China, Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat is accessible for mobile devices, and a global version in English and other languages will be released later.

Furthermore, the team is continually striving to make it available in English and other languages, according to the statement.

Overall, this implies that Devil May Cry on mobile will be available in a lot more countries soon.

When it comes to the Peak of Combat game, it is a spin-off from the original Capcom product. It was created by Yunchang Games, a Chinese business. It debuted at number two on the iOS download list when it was launched on June 11th.

Game Overview

Devil May Cry: Pinnacle of Combat or Devil May Cry: War of the Peak) is an upcoming mobile spin-off game developed by the Chinese company NebulaJoy (formerly known as YunchangGame; 云畅游戏; Yúnchàng yóuxì) and supervised by the Japanese DMC development team. It is a mobile action RPG with online modes such as team battles and PvP combat. The game seems to take elements from a variety of games in the series like DMC3, DMC4, DmC: Devil May Cry, and DMC5. After several closed beta tests, the game was released for public test in Mainland China last June 11.

In December 2017, Yunchang Game acquired the rights from Capcom to make game, during an Oppo conference in China, it earned the award for "the most anticipated game", the game has a strict and detailed supervision standard from Capcom to ensure the quality of the product.

It is set to inherit classic elements of the main Devil May Cry series such as weapon switching, combos, character design, and puzzles. Some of the attacks of the game are based on their original counterparts frame by frame. While most of the game seems to take Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening as its base, a trailer came out at the beginning of December 2019, confirming that the game will feature locations similar to those from Devil May Cry 4, and even DmC: Devil May Cry, with Phantom from Devil May Cry and Beowulf from Devil May Cry 3 being confirmed as bosses, and another trailer that came this time during the middle of December 2019, confirmed Nevan as a boss in the game, and Vergil as a playable character.


The gameplay of Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat follows closely to its PC/Console combat counterparts while simplifying some of the functions due to limited screen space. Players navigate their way through massive levels while slaying demons, emphasis is placed on the methods used to deal with enemies, in the form of a Stylish Rank. Players can rank up Style points by defeating enemies with different skills and weapons, varying one's attacks further increases the gauge while using the same move repeatedly will lower and stop the letter ranking until another style is used. Players can also dodge and taunt to increase their stylish ranking.