Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat is planned to be released globally in 2023

Full-throttle combat of the classic franchise "Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat" is planned to be released globally in 2023. Log in to Singapore and Malaysia Play Store on March to participate in the closed beta test. The invitation for users from other regions will be sent by email. Influencers and Media representatives will be able to log in to the game for early experience.


Devil May Cry Peak of Combat Dante - The Demon Hunter "I can already tell, looks like this is going be one hell of a party! ——Dante"

Dante - The Demon Hunter with a physical attribute is an ultimate character in Devil May Cry: Peak o Combat if you need to slash your enemies in close-range combat. Dante's Devil Trigger appears with a blow, sending demons back to hell.
  • #01_Dante(但丁、ダンテ)
  • Sex: Male
  • Favorite Food: Pizza, Strawberry Sundae
  • Relations: Sparda (Father), Eva (Mother), Vergil (Elder twin brother), Nero (Nephew)
  • A human-demon hybrid born to the legendary demon, Sparda, and a human woman. Though he hates demons with every fiber of his being, Dante is a fast-talker with a flippant attitude and flourishes when hunting down demons. Despite being young, he's an exceptionally skilled fighter. He's committed to slaying demons wherever they may appear, but in the meantime he runs a handyman shop and hunts down demons to take revenge for his mother's death.

  • Weapon: Fury Nemesis
  • Combat Style: Close combat
  • Feature: Physical attribute
Unique Weapon — Fury Nemesis



Basic Attack + Aerial Attack

Slash your enemies with your sword while on the ground; while demons are in mid-air, jump and hit the attack buttons to perform an aerial attack.


Combo Attack- Jump&Down Cut

When fighting on the ground, Initiate an aerial attack by sending your enemy into the air with your sword. When fighting in the air, perform a down cut, damaging and knocking back the enemy, causing physical damage.


QTE-Home Run

Ability can be triggered when the enemy's shield is broken or down, swing the Rebellion sword like a baseball bat to release a powerful blow!


Special Skill - Stinger

Stinger is a dashing attack that allows Dante to move a significant distance ending in him performing a powerful thrust.


Ultimate Skill - Devil Trigger

Dante comprehends the essence of the devil blood and transforms into a devil form. Dante's physical damage the devil form is greatly increased.

Devil May Cry™: Peak of Combat is a role-playing 3D action game developed and released by Nebula Joy Games authorized by Capcom, which is expected to be released globally this year and has opened pre-registration.

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