Devil May Cry: Pinnacle of Combat is Getting Closer For A Release

Last year, it was announced by developer Yunchang that they are working diligently with the mobile version of CAPCOM'S classic hack and slash game Devil May Cry, known the crazy combos you can pull-off in the game using a wide variety of guns and swords with demonic powers to boot.

After months of teasers and trailers that really make us all drool, DmC: Pinnacle of Combat is finally on its 2nd phase of its Closed Beta Test.

Devil May Cry Pinnacle of Combat.png

Pinnacle of Combat is arguably a promising DmC game for Android and iOS which continue our love for the popular Demon Hunter Dante as the game sticks to the main series's narrative which tells the story of the powerful sword-wielding demon Sparda and his wife who happen to get caught in a great war after giving birth to his sons Dante and Vergil. The two will eventually grow up and cultivate ideas and motivations which sometimes end up with them clashing with each other; Dante hating his demonic bloodline and Vergil desperately accumulate more demonic powers on his own.

Yunchang manages to have a collaboration with CAPCOm to ensure that Pinnacle of Combat won't alienate the die-hard fans of one of the most successful games today.

Devil May Cry Pinnacle of Combat b.jpg

We've been featured this year a sneak peek of the game's weapon called Agni and Rudra which all came from the original DMC series. Now, more information and details are revealed finally along with a brand new trailer launched during the TapTap Present 2020 Conference. This includes boss reveal wherein players will have to face nostalgic demons like Griffon and the big arachnid Phantom which is the game's first boss. Included also in the new trailer is a new character whose name is Frank which has a very interesting role to take in the game whether he is a friend or an enemy of Dante.

As for the gameplay mechanics, the Royal Guard system has been showcased which aids in you in the battle for a counter-attack. The camera system was also greatly adjusted as well as the adaptation of the original skill tree of DmC franchise was also been showcased in the said conference.

Pinnacle of Combat will enter its next CBT in China this month. So far it is only in that region where the said game will be released exclusively for now. But like everyone else, we are hoping that this game will eventually have its own global version for players around the world to experience demon hunting with Dante again.