Devil May Cry - Pinnacle of Combat Q&A with Devs re: Update on the Game

Stylish moves while trying to maintain the combos, characters that are so endearing and appealing that their swagger in their actions are really seething through. Whether you're a fan of the protagonists Dante, Nero or the newly introduced V or you kind of see something interesting in Vergil and the other antagonists, you got to say that Devil May Cry have attained a huge fanbase with these reasons. Then following that reason, there is no wonder why there is an upcoming mobile game based on the series itself. Devil May Cry: Pinnacle of Combat have been in the works so far with YunChang Games and is planned to be released in China only. The developers of the mobile game have been blessed by the series' developer and publisher, CAPCOM. While, the game has been delayed to this year because of some mishaps. It seems that YunChang is ready to release some updates regarding the game. Here are some questions asked and we would be giving our own insights regarding their answers.

Oops! Before we get confused. Here's a little legend for y'all. Q will be the Question, A would be the Answer and finally I will be the Insight, got it? Let's go!

Q: Why did Yunchang Game chose the “tough” Devil May Cry IP to work on?

A: The whole team loves games, especially action games, in general. Devil May Cry is considered a classic in the genre charming fans to endlessly explore the game, the action, the moves, and the ultimate sense of achievement when dealing all the combos and seeing the grade given. Some of the devs are hardcore action fans, some are fans of Dante and Vergil, hence they were extremely excited to know they had a chance to work with the Devil May Cry IP. They hope that the final product will not disappoint fans.

I: Well, it's always nice to see that developers are passionate about the game. DMC is a huge undertaking and has a huge fanbase so if they decide to half-bake the game, it will only cause backlash since first, some people have a hard negative stigma on mobile games already and second, a lot of passionate fans can have a sour opinion of the game if the quality is not in-par of what they have in mind. Therefore, they really need to make it work. If passion is a key factor for their development maybe they can tough it out.

Q: Yunchang Game is not a well-known developer, is it stressful to work on such a big IP?

A: Yunchang Game has actually been around for some time and have helped developed many online games, gaining much experience along the way. Of course, no matter how much experience they have, it is still a daunting task to work on Devil May Cry Mobile. They will convert stress into motivation, looking into all the smallest details to make the perfect game. After the organizing the first Elite Test, the team is now more confident in making a great and exquisite game.

I: Like what we said earlier, there is no doubt that making this game is a tedious task for the developers. They need to make sure that they do what they must in order to have a quality game that will be appreciated by all those who love the game itself. But if they manage to pull through, they might be able to even convince those who stubbornly choose to play it anywhere except mobile. We can see here that they are managing to mitigate the stress by making it motivation to produce a great game, something we can admire as long as there is no crunch that will break down developers who are having a huge amount of time in their work, draining them of their passion. Finally, doing testing with other players are a surefire way to check if they are doing well, if they give a green light then it is a good confidence booster for the developers for their game.

Q: What are your real thoughts after reading through the comments from players who tried out Devil May Cry Mobile during the Elite Test?

A: Stressed, anxiety, and all sort of feelings. We immediately scoured our social channels for player feedback when the Elite Test started. We were happy with the encouragement given, and hope to have a long-lasting game in Devil May Cry Mobile.

I: It's okay to be stressed when you are looking over testing results. It's a factor that makes you genuine that you are doing your best without being overconfident in your craft. Since the developers have checked feedback and they saw positive results, then maybe we can be set at ease that they are in the right path. The developers need to maintain a good player feedback and the positive outlook in the coming years if they are going to plan for a long lifespan of a game such as DMC Mobile.

Q: Will the system requirements change following feedback from the Elite Test?

A: We were satisfied with how Devil May Cry Mobile performed, but we will continue to optimized the game for more devices. The graphical fidelity in the Elite Test was not at its maximum capability as well.

I: Few developers today have the time to optimize their games, some games are very bulky and clunky because they have forgotten the value of optimization. It is good that they are setting their sights to optimize their games to more devices. This will make the game much more accessible to the players than sticking to their usual settings. Trying to better the graphics is also smiled upon, while graphics are not everything, it is a key aspect to make a game great. Kudos to them.

Q: Which elements of the original Devil May Cry did the team replicate?

A: The team truly wish for players to experience the original Devil May Cry on mobile devices, hence we are working hard to replicate as many features as possible including character models, the action moves, and even the buildings. Moves such a double jump, weapon swapping etc will all be polished for Devil May Cry Mobile.

I: Replicating the game's mechanics are good. Originality barely matters if you are using an IP of another game, the purpose of this is that so players who have been playing the game for so long will not be lost if they attempt to play the game, if mobile gaming is not their forte but still are familiar with the mechanics that the game has been using then it will be easier for them to adapt and play the game.

Q: What story is Devil May Cry Mobile based on?

A: The original story takes place between the “3rd and 1st generation” (we are guessing the first and third game?), something which we worked tirelessly with Capcom over many drafts and edits. We hope all players will enjoy the lore!

I: The lore of DMC has been a pivotal aspect of the game, having memorable characters and their motivations for their actions have been a way to sympathize with them. So maintaining that aspect will please the fans. It also seems good to note that they are contacting with Capcom with their actions in the game. If so, it's a fantastic idea, to avoid accidental retcons and confusion of the plot, they must always be in contact with the original creator so the game's story will be solid!

Q: How difficult is it to develop Devil May Cry for mobile devices?

A: To be honest, the difficulty is extremely high. Not only we must produce high definition visuals for the smaller screen, but we must allow gamers to feel the excitement and adrenaline rush during combat. We must also consider various touchscreen controls which is totally different from a game controller. But all the hardship is worth it as our team had a great experience developing Devil May Cry Mobile.

I: Combos, dashes and other movements are fleshed out in the original games and their platforms, the controls have been polished to the fact that it brings catharsis to the players when moves that are difficult to implement are done well and you are rewarded with a grade depending on what you did. So try implementing that on mobile and you will have a mountain of arduous tasks needed to be fulfilled. But if they are motivated to bring the same feel that the players have tried in the original game, then we can surmise that it will be as exciting as the original games have done in the past.

Q: Many fans thrashed how Dante looked when he was first revealed. Was he “fixed”?

A: Dante’s facial and body design will both be improved and optimized, so everyone can relax. Before the next test phase begin, we will have a new version of Dante ready to showcase. He will be continually be worked on to satisfy everyone.

I: Community backlash is expected if the characters that they love are tarnished. Even a poor quality of graphics can be booed if they do not like it. Take the example being shown in this question. Dante is an important character of the game. Having a poor quality of his looks can really bring a riot in the players. So making sure that it is fixed and will be improved is a good way to answer to the backlash. DO NOT DOUBLE DOWN ON BACKLASH. Accept the backlash and correct it to be endeared by the fans.

Q: How is the progression like on Devil May Cry Mobile right now?

A: We last held the Elite Test on December 2019, and it was only a small part of the game. There are many new features, monsters, weapons, maps, and more to be added, along with improvements based on feedback from the first test.

I: It seems that they are taking their time in making the game, which is good! Remember the quote from Shigeru Miyamoto, the world renowned creator of popular franchise such as Mario, The Legend of Zelda and many more, "A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad.". Therefore, the developers taking their time to polish and make the game, a great experience is a good sign that the game will be great when released! And we hope that it will be once it prepares its launch!

Q: When can players expect the next test phase to be held?

A: We have yet to confirm a date, but we do implore fans to be patient and await new updates from the team.

I: Again, they seem to be taking their time which, for others might be frowned upon, is a good sign always for the developers to polish and make the game, the best it can be! Hopefully, we can see that their hard work paid off with the release of the game with great scores from critics because it was well polished and created!

Devil May Cry Mobile will be only releasing in China but if this news caught wind with the global players and they saw interest in it, maybe the developers will announce a global version once everything is fixed and ready for international release, but that is only speculation. The game will be an action RPG for the mobile. Without a release date, we will be anticipating updates and developer talks regarding the games, so stay tuned like always! Tell us your thoughts about the game and if you are excited in the comments below!