Devil May Cry: Pinnacle of Combat to be released in Mobile Platform on 2020

Heads up devil killers! The Devil May Cry franchise is about to set foot on the mobile devices on 2020! Devil May Cry Mobile – Pinnacle of Combat is an official DmC game approved by CAPCOM which will be developed by Chinese based developer YungChang Game Studio.

The game will feature the classic elements everyone loved about the Devil May Cry franchise. Sick arial combos, complicated combos while switching between different weapons and the amazing amount of arsenal you can use to kill demons.

Lore-wise, it will follow the original story line of DmC franchise, using the characters of demon brothers Dante and Virgil as the main point of the story. It is also said that the game will feature a new storyline about the brothers to keep things fresh and exciting.

It's also reported that CAPCOM is heavily supervising the QA process of the game to make sure that the game will be up to par and deliver the best mobile version of DmC to the fans of the franchise.

Some people might be worried that the complicated controls of Devil May Cry may not translate well into the mobile platform because of the lack of space and controls, but the developers ensured players that the controls will be simplified while not taking away the depth of how the game will be played. So you can still make those sick combo chains, dodges and parries as well as you did on other platforms!

The game is still on it's alpha and beta stage phase but the developers said that the game will be released on 2020.