Diablo 3 Season 2 First Look


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Nov 3, 2014
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Another Blizzcon announcement revolves on one if its biggest franchises Diablo as they discuss the upcoming Season 2 for Diablo 3. Patch 2.1.2 will introduce new features that will certainly have an impact on your Seasonal experience.

Season 2 New Features:

- The feature can now accommodate now up to level 70

New Legendaries
- The usual looting with additional legends to collect

Leaderboards & Conquests
- A ranking system for clans, friends and everyone else
- Longterm goals such as "Marathon" and "Sprinter"

New Rewards
- Sigil designs and customizations
- Conquerors Transmogrification set

Season 2 Character

- You can create a season 2 character where in you will be only be playing with other season 2 players. This will be a start from scratch.

Blizzard FAQ

Q: When does Season 2 start?
A: While we don't yet have a date to announce for Season 2, we will be notifying the community of the end of Season 1 no less than 30 days in advance. Season 2 should start shortly thereafter. Stay tuned for more information in the future!

Q: How long will Season 2 last?
A: While we don't have a specific time frame to share at this time, we've heard a lot of feedback on the length of Season 1. We'll be taking this feedback into consideration going forward.

Q: When are the Leaderboards being wiped for Season 1?
A: Leaderboards will be cleared once Season 1 comes to a close. We will be notifying players no less than 30 days in advance of when this will occur. While the leaderboards will be cleared, they will be preserved both in-game and here on our website if you wish to review your Season 1 accomplishments.

Q: When are the non-Seasonal Leaderboards being wiped?
A: Non-Seasonal Leaderboards are tied to what we call “Eras.” We have not yet determined when the end of our first Era will be, but we currently anticipate it coinciding with changes for the next Season. We'll provide an update when we announce an end date for Season 1.

Q: Will Seasons be coming to console?
A: Some features on console are best designed for that platform, and the same is true for the PC version of the game. A large part of the fun of Seasons is the entire community rerolling heroes together at the same time. The offline and disconnected nature of console does not support this style of play. As a result, we do not currently have plans to implement Seasons on console.
We have a lot in store for Season 2, as well as Seasons to come. We hope you've enjoyed this peek at what lies ahead! Season 2, as well as features coming in Patch 2.1.2, will be available for testing very soon on the PTR. We look forward to sharing these changes with you and hope you'll join us to test them thoroughly!

What aspect of Season 2 has you the most pumped? Are you eager for another fresh start, or did a new Seasonal Legendary catch your eye? Is there a Conquest you can't wait to tackle? Let us know in the comments and get ready—the new Season will arrive before you know it!
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