Diablo 3's Big Update And Necromancer Class Out Now

Discussion in 'Diablo' started by LockDown, Jun 28, 2017.

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    Update 2.6.0 has begun being rolled out on all platforms at the right time of schedule upon the maintenance. Rise of the Necromancer pack adds a new necromancer skills among many other things. As previously detailed, the other major components of update 2.6.0 include Challenge Rifts, New Zones and new Realms of Fate Bounties.


    Now that the update is available, Blizzard has released the full patch notes. Aside from the new content mentioned above, the bulk of these deal with item changes and adjustments to Set bonuses. There are also some quality-of-life changes, including a very welcome one for Greater Rifts. When you die when playing on your own, you can now resurrect immediately and the remaining time on the death timer will simply be removed from the amount you have left, and cooldowns will adjust accordingly. In other words, this spares you from having to sit there, doing nothing, without actually impacting the way a death affects a run.

    source via Blizzard

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