Diablo 3's Special Diablo 1-Style Mode

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    Diablo 1 Retro style is available on Diablo 3 dungeons for a limited amount of time. This special event is only available for the month of January. It'll return in future years to mark the franchise's anniversary, and Blizzard says it'll ordinarily feature a "pre-cursor event" from January 1-3. Update 2.4.3 has been officially released today on all platforms as one of the 20th anniversary celebration update.


    Elsewhere in this patch, a number of new items have been added, including a seventh piece of the Crusader's Armor of Akkhan set. Existing items have also been changed, with a number of class-specific Legendaries receive new Legendary powers. If you already have one of these items, it won't be changed--you'll need to track down a new one to enjoy the changed effects.

    Many of Blizzard's other games are marking Diablo's anniversary in their own ways. World of Warcraft's celebration is now underway and involves a secret cow level.

    source via gamespot
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    omg nostalgia at its finest

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