Diablo Immortal development team releases a statement about what their plans are for the game this 2023

Recently, Diablo Immortal developers has released an update regarding what their plans will be this 2023 for the game. As the team is committed to releasing new content in the game, there’s already numerous updates they cannot wait to share this year with the game’s players.

diablo immortal.jpg

  • Quarterly Major Updates
  • Narrative Additions
  • Ever-Evolving Gameplay
Last year, two Major Updates were released in Diablo Immortal in which a new Zone, dungeon, enemy types, and much more were added in the game. For this year, the developers plan to release four Major Updates that will contain improvements to Clans, in-game social features, and gameplay as well as introduce a new class and Helliquary Bosses.

The game’s narrative will expand this year as new Main Questlines and Side Quests will be added in the game that will further develop Sanctuary’s inhabitants. The team will also continue to release new Legendary Items that will help the players in broadening their Class build options. A new competitive mode and Fishing activity is also planned to be introduced in the future.

There’ll be lots of changes and additions that will happen this year in Diablo Immortal. Brace yourself for everything that will be released. As always, don’t hesitate to give your feedback and ask questions as the team welcomes it. Stay tuned for the upcoming updates in Diablo Immortal!