Diablo Immortal Joins Chinajoy 2020 Exhibition With Its New Trailer

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Despite drawing flak from the original fans from the past Q&A, there's no denying that Diablo Immortal will push through and will soon enter its alpha testing. It recently showcased its new trailer in Chinajoy 2020 in Shanghai, China and there weren't any noticeable changes since its first trailer in BlizzCon 2019. It seems that this new mobile game is approaching its release soon.

Diablo Immortal.jpg

So far, there's no update from the developers regarding the game nor the launch date. If their timeline is right, the only thing we can assume right now is that the alpha test will take place in China later this year. As we can remember, Netease was already prepared and confident for the launch in their statement last 2018. There are no issues regarding the development and they're awaiting Blizzard's go signal since 2019.

Diablo Immortal is set between Diablo II and Diablo III. Playable classes are already revealed and the pre-registration has begun on Google Playstore. As for the iOS, a preview page already exists in App Store.

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Right now, the development team of Netease is focusing on the optimization and quality of the game.

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Many fans were disappointed in its release in mobile platform. Specially those who have the memory of Jake Wilson's idea of Auction House that ruined Diablo III.

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But, who knows? Maybe Diablo Immortal will be a great game, receive a cross-platform in the future, and won't meet the same fate as Diablo III in the past. Stay tune for more updates.