Diablo Immortal’s first major update the Forgotten Nightmares will go live on September 28!

Diablo Immortal’s first major update, Forgotten Nightmares, will be available to all players on September 28 after the server maintenance, Blizzard announced.

diablo immortal silent monastery.png

Through this update, players will be able to enjoy a new dungeon, a new Castle Cyrangar Warband exploring system, and new ancestral weapons. Included to this upcoming update is the continuation of the tale questline with the Silent Monastery.


diablo immortal forgotten nightmares.png

Foreboding black mist originating from the Silent Monastery, an ancient Sahptev temple, is rolling off the peaks of Mount Zavain and creeping into Sentinel’s Watch—threatening to encase the entire zone in incomprehensible darkness. In this new dungeon, players who are level 60 and above can group up in parties of two to four to relive the history of the Zakarum crusades through the lands of Ivgorod.

The inside of the Silent Monastery is home to eternal night, making it nearly impossible to navigate. Fortunately, some of the temple’s statues can be illuminated. Make haste in lighting these statues, they are the only thing that can weaken the nightmarish demons lurking in the shadows! As you light additional statues and rid the dungeon of monsters, the darkness will be cast out of that area for good.

Once you’ve flooded the temple with light, there is but one direction to head: into the obsidian heart of the Silent Monastery. Going toe-to-toe with the Ancient Nightmare in its lair will be no easy task. If you can survive an unrelenting flurry of empowered shadow blasts and ghastly spike attacks, a lion’s share of rewards shall be granted to commemorate your feat.


diablo immortal castle cyrangar.png

In the outskirts of Westmarch lies an ancient fortress rife with unspeakable horrors to extinguish, mysterious secrets to uncover, and if you’re successful, a new place for your Warband to call home: Castle Cyrangar.

To begin the quest to bring Castle Cyrangar under your Warband’s banner, you must be at least level 20, be part of a Warband, and speak to Valstus in Westmarch’s Rakkis Plaza. Castle Cyrangar contains three main areas of emphasis for players to engage with: Purging the Depths, Warband Rooms, and Defense of Cyrangar.

diablo immortal room management.png

  • Purge the Depths of Castle Cyrangar
diablo immortal purge.png

Upon arriving at Castle Cyrangar, your Warband will realize that there are still some unwanted occupants taking up residence in the castle’s bowels—you must purge them from your new home!

As you crush, incinerate, and eviscerate your way through rooms of undead threats, you’ll come across restless spirits that are bound to rot here for all eternity. It’s up to you to set them free by first defeating them—severing the connection with their tormented vessel, then cleansing their Remnants. Each of the Remnants provides unique bonuses that are applied to your character.

You can traverse the randomized dark underbelly of Castle Cyrangar alone or with up to seven other Warband members as many times as desired.
Defense of Cyrangar

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After renovating and settling in the Castle Cyrangar with your Warband, word has reached the armies of the Burning Hells and they want the stronghold for themselves. They will be coming in full force. Defend the castle by working in unison with your Warband and hold back the incoming infernal tide of demonic destruction headed straight to your castle’s front gate. Defense of Cyrangar offers two modes:
  • Standard Mode can be played once a week. In this mode, players must withstand eight waves of blood-thirsty demons. If your Warband successfully staves off the Hellspawn, you’ll receive rewards and experience for holding the line firm.
  • Endless mode can be played at any time. In this mode, Warbands will receive a score based on how many heavy-hitting waves of demons they can survive. This mode has an accompanying leaderboard, so you can see how your Warband stacks up to others. Additionally, the top Warbands will receive the Cyrangar Defense Portrait Frame for their tenacity.

diablo immortal ancestral weapons.png

Wandering around the castle will get you a chance to find Ancestral Weapons. To harness the hidden powers of these weapons, you must place them into the Ancestral Tableau, located in the heart of Castle Cyrangar. Once placed, the Ancestral Weapons will give you and your Warband members a portion of their Attributes such as Strength, Intelligence, and Vitality. Note that each Warband member can only place one Ancestral Weapon in the Tableau.


diablo immortal scions of the storm.png

“Children born during a storm carry its fierceness in their voices and its chaos in their hearts.” -Westmarch Sailor

Sanctuary’s denizens believe that the sheer power of a squall can not be controlled—only nature can truly govern itself. But you are born of the elements, adventurer! And thus, the winds have shifted in your favor, sharing your desire to rid Sanctuary of its invaders and restore balance. It is time to surrender yourself to the chaos, time to take your place among the Scions of the Storm.

The Season Five Battle Pass will begin on September 29, at 3:00 a.m. server time, and will end on October 27, at 2:59 a.m. server time. There’ll be 40 ranks worth of challenges and rewards, such as Legendary Gems, Crests, Hilts, and more. But if you want additional treasures, there are two paid versions you can upgrade your Battle Pass to for the full duration of the season, which are the Empowered Battle Pass, and Collector’s Empowered Battle Pass.

The Empowered Battle Pass includes all rank rewards from the free standard Battle Pass but also unlocks an Empowered track that provides additional rewards at each rank. Plus, you’ll receive the Scions of the Storm Weapon cosmetic, unlocked at rank one, and the turbulent Scions of the Storm Armor cosmetic, unlocked at rank 40.

The Collector’s Empowered Battle Pass gives you access to all rank rewards and cosmetics from the Empowered Battle Pass plus, the Scions of the Storm Avatar Frame, Portal cosmetic, and a ten-rank boost, all provided immediately after upgrading.


diablo immortal helliquary boss.png

Rayek has located the most wicked Wrathborne demon to date, Izilech the Misshapen! Leader of the Wrathborne demons, his cruelty knows no bounds, and is revered by lesser demons who cower under his tyrannical rule. Izilech earned his moniker by defying the Lord of Terror days before the Dark Exile—his body lay twisted and broken, a result of Diablo’s wrath, but Izilech’s will endured. He’s now the Misshapen, a tortured soul bound to the cursed form forced upon him.

Journal entries recounting the Misshapen’s martial prowess make note of his massive bow, pinpoint accuracy, and penchant for flaming arrows. For those fearless enough to close the gap, you’ll be met by massive hooves designed to flatten even the sturdiest adventurers. Records also mention a bone prison—unfortunately, there seems to be no explanation of what happens to those who linger in it for too long.

You can begin on challenging the Misshapen on October 2 at 3:00 a.m. server time. Once defeated, you can receive the Wrathborne Crown, as a reward, which will provide you with an additional 30 combat rating, and a 10% movement speed boost while inside Challenge Rifts.


diablo immortal limited-time event.png

The mist surrounding the Silent Monastery and Castle Cyrangar might have faded, but now you find yourself lost, Scouring the Darkness for a path forward. Twisted beings promising curses for the weak and power for the worthy tempt you to push further—who knows if insanity or glory is waiting to greet you at the end of this trek?

In this limited-time event, you can either slay your way to safety with your Warband members or do it alone. Complete task for various rewards, including the Congratulations Emote. The event will start on September 28, 3:00 a.m. until October 19, 3:00 a.m. server time.


diablo immortal hungering moon.png

Despite your best efforts to sate the moon’s hunger…it confoundingly demands more blood! This time around, the moonlit path you’ll take to heed your lunar overlord’s howl for sustenance has been shaken up. Players can complete up to three tasks a day starting October 6, 3:00 a.m.–October 10, 3:00 a.m. server time. Through completing tasks, you’ll gain Astrolabe Power—the power can be used to draw one of two types of blessings with unique benefits from the Astrolabe.

Once you’ve racked up a handful of Moonslivers by purging demonic hordes from dungeons, visit the Hermit’s Collection located within the Hungering Moon event page to trade your Moonslivers for lunar-laced rewards of your choice!


diablo immortal crowned ones.png

It is seldom enough to act like royalty in the courts of Sanctuary, you must also look the part. Adorn yourself with the same gilded luxury flaunted by generations of Khanduran nobility—the Crowned Ones Standard Cosmetic Set can be purchased from the in-game shop for 1,000 Eternal Orbs.