Diablo Immortal's Latest Update, Splintered Souls, Coming December 14

Diablo Immortal's latest update, Splintered Souls, will be here on December 14! With it comes several updates including new Familiars, a new zone called The Southern Dreadlands, a new quest line and event, and 5 new Helliquary bosses! See more details below:


  • Familiars: Accompanying players through Sanctuary are loyal allies called Familiars, who bring their own additional bonuses and utilities. Splintered Souls will launch with 8 Familiars, five of which we've detailed in this blog post.
  • The Southern Dreadlands: At the heart of Immortal's story lies the Southern Dreadlands, which became an apocalyptic plane after being transformed by Tyrael's destruction of the corrupted Worldstone. The zone's main quest will take you to the growing encampment of the Gray Wards, into the interior of Staalbreak, and to the bottom of teeming ravines formed by the destruction of Mount Arreat.
  • Sentinel's Stand: Protect the wilds of the Dreadlands in the tower defense-styled zone event.
  • 5 New Helliquary Bosses: They can be encountered across 3 new Inferno Difficulties: IV, V, and VI. To unlock Inferno Difficulty IV, players must defeat Saarodan, Sky-Sunderer on Inferno Difficulty III and be at least Paragon Level 1100.

For more information, please check our new video and the blog post.

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