Different Buffs Explained


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Apr 22, 2019
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You might think that the only buff is the blue buff or the role buff but there are 4 types of buffs. So lets get started!

The first one!
The Gold Buff
~ You can get this buff from the crab. Gold buff gives 10 gold per second and last 30 seconds.

Regen Buff
~ You can get this buff from colored green creeps in the map. Regen buff regenerates health and mana within 2 seconds.

Turtle buff
~ You can get this buff from the turtle. Turtle buff ~ when dealing damage to enemies it reflect the Power of the Turtle to them which deals an extra True Damage equal to 65% of their max HP and slows their Movement Speed by 60% Power of Turtle last 1.5 seconds and coolsdown ni 2 seconds.

Last but not the least THE ROLE BUFF or MOSTLY CALLED BLUE BUFF. There are 6 types of role buff.

☆Fighter buff~ decrease CD by 15%. When hitting a target, increase movement SPD by 10%. Lasts 2 seconds.

☆Mage buff~ Decrease CD by 20%. Decrease Mana/Energy requirement by 50%. Increase Magical attack by 11-25 [Depends on hero level].

☆Assassin buff~ Skill CD reduces by 10%, energy cost reduces by 20%, mana cost reduces 50%, physical and magical penetrations increase by 6-20 points [scales with hero level].

☆Tank buff~ Decrease MP requirement for every skill by 50%. Increase physical defense and magical defense by 15%.

☆Support buff~ Skill CD reduces by 10%, mana regeneration increases by 50 points healing effect and shield oncrease by 15%.

☆Marksman buff~ Increase 10% physical attack slow [movement speed] the target down by 20% for 2 seconds after hitting the target using basic attacks.

Good to know what kind of buffs purposes and uses. Buffs enhances the power of you're hero at the same time gives you different advatages of it. Now that you know the different kinds of buffs, fight and join the battle at the Land of Dawn!!!