Digimon’s new MMORPG Digimon Super Rumble is now available for pre-order! Official service is confirmed to start this November!

South Korea based developer MoveGames has started to accept advance reservations for Digimon Super Rumble.


MMORPG Digimon Super Rumble for PCs in the Digimon series can now be pre-ordered. It started last October 15 and will continue until this November when the game officially launches.

If the game is reserved in advance, there will be limited costumes like “Fairy Wing” and “First Costume Set” that can be obtained which can be used once the official service starts. The Fairy Wing costume is a limited item that can be given to the first 2,000 people only.


MoveGames has been developing Digimon-related games since 2002. The company started with Digimon RPG which also launched in the same year that the company was founded, Digimon Masters in 2009, and Digimon Soul Chaser for smartphones in 2018. The company stated that the Digimon Super Rumble was made from the collection of the know-how that has been accumulated since the company started their Digimon-related games.

Digimon Super Rumble was developed using the Unreal Engine 4. Various original characters were also prepared to be featured in the game and aside from that, a special Digimon skill “Burst Skill” will also be introduced. The game will used a turn-based battle system

"Because it is a new PC-based Digimon IP work that has accumulated 12 years of experience from Digimon Masters, we can expect a highly complete work. In this closed beta test, participants from the participants We would like to actively accept feedback and further improve the degree of perfection,"
said by MoveGames.