Director Ghost of Tsushima is looking for ways to expand the movie into sequels and spin-offs

Chad Stahelski, director of John Wick: Chapter 4, gives an update about his film Ghost of Tsushima. He says that the team is looking for ways to expand the movie into sequels and TV spin-offs.

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During an interview, Stahelski talked about how to transfer a video game’s story that’s dozens of hours long into one film. He also teased that Sony is considering not only making this a one movie thing only.

"How do I pack that much information into a feature that can go on to other features or a TV project or platform for that?" Stahelski asked.

"The trick is not, 'do we have great material?' We know we have great material. It's how to make it palpable on any platform, you know, how do we make a great two, two and a half hour movie out of this? [How do we] make it satisfying and leave it open to expand further from there? That's the real challenge: how to take so much great and get it down to a watchable level."

Ghost of Tsushima was first announced in March 2021 by Sony Pictures and PlayStation Productions. Now, Stahelski gives an update about the upcoming film saying that it's now "in heavy development".

"I love the property, look, the game story of Jin Sakai, and it being what I would say is the most anti-samurai samurai movie out there because of the storylines, thematics in it, and the journey that Jin Sakai goes through."

"The characters in the story are definitely something I don't want to lose in any way," he continued, but added: "It's just the visuals I want to keep."


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