Dirt 4 Special Edition Announced PC PS4 XBox One 

A day one edition and a special edition will be available on Dirt 4 which was announced by Codemasters the developer of the game. Hyundai R5 Rally car will be available on the day one edition of the base game which is a special founder icon. The details of this event weren't shared, but it's described as a Hyundai-focused one that will only be available from June 9-11. Dirt 4 doesn't yet have a release date beyond June 2017, so we know know it's slated for release early in the month.

In addition to this news, Codemasters released a trailer that sees developers and real-world rally drivers talking about Dirt 4's Your Stage feature. This is the new track-generation tool that procedurally creates a new challenge for you to tackle based on your specifications.

source via Codemasters