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Oct 21, 2018
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Hello! My discord ID is yoonrie#9707.

I'm here to apply for an appeal regarding my banned status. I’m really hesitant to do this but a friend told me that I should at least try since my intent for posting was for the good and not realize at the time of posting that it could have some negative effects. I'm now reflecting on my mistakes and doing my best not to repeat it again.

I was banned on Thursday, October 18, 2018. At the time when I discovered that the server disappeared on my list. I didn't know what was happening, I just thought that there were just some errors on my discord. I started to ask my friends if I was really gone from the server, if I was kicked or something because I didn't know if I did something bad. And I don't really remember breaking any rules or aggravated anyone. Then after asking for help with a friend from the server, we found out that I was banned for posting a suggestion on the Suggestion channel. It was a link from Reddit about a tool to save discord chat history.

First, I found this tool because I had to report something to the moderator about an "uncomfortable direct messages" I got from a member of the server, which if I didn't report at that time may lead to harassment. And I also thought that 'that person' might also be saying what he has said to me to the other members of the server too. So, I took the chance to report it immediately before everything comes worst. It was a bit long conversation, so I tried to check if I can save a chat history on my direct messages and then found that tool. I was able to submit a report to the moderators with an HTML file of the conversation using that tool. I sent them the report on October 16, 2018, around 10 or 11 pm, I got replies from 2 moderators so I'm sure that there were moderators online that time.

After I sent my report, that's when I thought that "hey maybe others can use this tool for future references too, like when I needed one like this." so I sent it on the Support/Suggestion channel, although I'm not sure if I sent it to other channels I'm pretty sure that I sent it on the Support channel thinking about that I could help to other members and moderators as well, since it’s really a handy tool. I sent it in at some time after I sent my report to the other moderators. I only sent the link for the post and not the actual direct download link, so that they would still be able to read what is the link about.

What happened is that mods see it as a third-party bot according to what the mod said to the friend who helped me. I'm really sure that it is not a bot or an invite link. But I'm not quite sure about it being a third-party app, so research and asked on the Discord community about the tool where I got an immediate response. I asked them if the tool is really ok to use or was it illegal or it might cause some problems. A moderator from the community replied, that it is against the Terms of Service and could lead to your account being disabled. That's where it hit me. I got so distressed that I did something irresponsible and careless and actually sent to where a lot of people would be able to see and could be in trouble. That's why after I found out that the tool as actually illegal, I'm so devastated and I was really hesitant to apply for an appeal because of that. And if I have broken the rules it is not my intention as well like I said, I just want to help and suggest.

I'm just starting to get active and still new to the server, well I probably joined a little bit earlier, but I didn't get the chance to be active because of my studies and daily life. I’m still not familiar with everything to the server but I’m aware of the rules but that just it. I’m still not so sure with the other details, some are still unclear or I’m not sure if it’s okay to send or do. That is why I didn’t know that I could get banned for suggesting or sharing on Support channel, without any reactions or response. Not even the moderators or other members said, reacted something like “what is that”, “isn’t that illegal” or something like that because I would immediately stop or delete it immediately to avoid things like this. I am an admin on other communities as well, so I understand your part on being strict. But isn’t it at least the moderators’ responsibility to give response to the posts/chat on the Support channel, since it’s a Support channel where members would get to talk with and/or ask for assistance. At some point I felt that I was ignored and snob by the moderators and they just banned me like that. Because, it took days before I got banned, and between those days from when I sent it and before getting kicked and banned from the server, not even one (even some concern member) told me that there could be something wrong with my suggestion and that I could get banned, which made me thought that “oh its okay to send that link, there probably no problem with it” but turns out that it is which is really sad.

Anyway, I just want to tell you that it is not my intention to give inconvenience to the members, I just want to help, give a suggestion for the members and for the better of the server. If you would give me a chance to correct my mistakes and prove to you that I only have a positive intention for the server and not the other way around, I will do my best.

Lastly, I sincerely apologize if this caused any inconvenience to anyone. If I can do anything, I'll do my best to correct and recover from my past mistakes.

I'm looking forward to your response.
Thank you very much for understanding.
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The team gives you another chance. Don't waste it. You'll receive an invite after this message. If you're uncertain on what you're gonna post, you can consult any enforcers/mods available.


Jun 9, 2017
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The team gives you another chance. Don't waste it. You'll receive an invite after this message. If you're uncertain on what you're gonna post, you can consult any enforcers/mods available.

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