Discord Owners Warning, Gundam Live Action, Fortnite SMG Nerf and Fractured Lands


Mar 4, 2015
Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Let's talk about the responsibilities of discord owners, Gundam Live Action, Fortnite SMG Nerf, Steam Group Chat, Fractured Lands and PUBG M 0.7

Steam Group Chat
  • Para sa Unang
  • The new steam group chat is now out beta
  • For discord users, you will notice the new Steam chat has a lot in common
  • because the new update you can create text, voice channels as well as create an invite link which you can set to permanent
  • Users also have the ability to group friends by and party
  • For the chat options, it supports inline videos, embeds and most importantly GIFS
  • The steam group chat is also accessible via browser
  • for those interested to join our group chat the link is in the description

Fortnite SMG
  • Goodbye SMG meta in Fortnite
  • because the newest Fornite weapon compact SMG has been nerfed after several fan complaints
  • apparently, the gun is too strong, too fast and too accurate
  • so this leads to players carrying 4 smgs and no other guns
  • So epic games stepped with this balance changes
  • SMG and Compact SMG accuracy bonus has been reduced from 35 to 15 percent
  • damage is reduced from 19/20/21 to 28/18/19
  • fire rate is reduced from 13 to 12
  • while the compact SMG version is reduced from 11 to 10
  • The range is also reduced
  • and finally, even the drop rates for the rare version of the SMG are slightly reduced
  • So what do you think of the SMG nerf? let us know in the comments

Gundam Live Action
  • di ko pa nalalaro yung game pero may bagong Gundam news tyo
  • A couple of weeks ago we learned that Sunrise has teamed up with Legendary pictures as they are developing a live-action adaptation of Mobile Suit Gundam
  • To those who don't know Legendary pictures is the company that produced films such as Pacific Rim, Godzilla and Kong Skull island
  • so what this means is these guys know their giants and mechs
  • But since a majority of anime adapted movies are a flop
  • Sunrise will maintain a majority of control over the Gundams adaptation
  • Actually, this was their requirement before greenlighting the project
  • So pls make this good

  • After a short testing period, PUBG M has been updated to 0.7
  • So what's new?
  • eto
  • Players can now create and join clans wherein you can complete long-term objectives to get titles
  • The First person perspective is now supported for custom rooms
  • A fast-paced variation of Arcade mode called War is now also available
  • weapon mod Foregrip parameters have been adjusted.
  • and finally, new weapons like SLR Sniper rifle have been included
  • So those are the update what do you think?

Fractured Lands
  • A new last man standing game from Unbroken Studios, a team of senior developers behind franchises like Battlefield, Medal of Honor and Call of Duty announced the Steam early access of Fractured Lands
  • A new post-apocalyptic battle royale
  • and based from the trailer it looks good
  • according to the description, Fractured lands is more focused on vehicles as they are your lifeline and greatest weapon
  • basically, like mad max
  • The game will cost around 20 USD when it becomes available for their early bird promo
  • Fractured Lands is targeted to get a 1.0 release by December 2018

Discord Warning

  • Recently one of the partnered Discord server was involved in a controversy
  • because Discord admins issued a warning for NSFW content
  • as a result, they lost their partner status
  • So what crossed the line?
  • Apparently server members are reportedly sharing lolicon content
  • to those who don't know what this is, it's better to ask your otaku parents
  • but in context it means lewd content the depics young girls - yikes
  • If you remember this is not the first time discord admin stepped in
  • because last time they also removed alt right servers with racist and fascist content
  • they also instantly disabled servers with nonsensual lewd materials
  • so in short bawal yung mga pastor hokage na yan kahit sa discord
  • So a reminder to all Discord server owners partner or not
  • may this be a warning to all of us
  • that like it or not you need to be responsible to your members
  • because admittedly kahit ako napapagilatan sa Discord namin
  • so let's not add to the toxicity, not everything this funny or cool is a good thing
  • especially in this digital age wherein kids have access to the internet
  • hindi dahil pwede ay gagawin mo na
  • basically “its the internet” is not an excuse