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Discussion in 'Support' started by DyeyDii, Nov 20, 2019.

  1. DyeyDii

    DyeyDii Newbie Gamer

    I got banned for a reason I don't really know, asked some friends to check the reports channel kung may nakalagay na info about dun sa ban ko, pero walang nakalagay, wala din akong nareceive na notice of some sort na meron daw dapat. Kaya tinignan ko ulit isa isa yung rules baka marealize ko kung ano yung nagawa ko.
    I got muted before my ban tho
    So eto yung nakalagay na rules regarding sa mutes
    "1. Sharing of content promoting self harm or suicide. Any content that encourages members to do so."
    - I'd never do such a thing, I had suicidal thoughts before, di ko gugustuhin na pagdaan ng iba yun.
    "2. Sharing of pictures of gore/animal cruelty, sadistic pleasure, or celebration of violence."
    - I feel more empathy towards animals more than humans to be honest, I would never share something like those, at medyo mahina din yung sikmura ko kaya di ako tumitingin sa ganun.
    "3. Saying bad words in any of the text channel is prohibited even if it has NSFW tag. This also apply in voice channels."
    - This one is the reason why I got MUTED, so sa lobby, was talking with other members, sinasabayan sila sa pagdadrama, memeing things, so I said "@mee6 dm", then I typed one of the "bad words" and yun may dm si mee6, sent it sa lobby tas para natawa naman yung mga kausap ko nun, and sinumpong ako ng pagkaabnormal ko kaya nagawa ko ulit yun ng dalawang beses kaya namute ako. An immature thing to do, I know.
    "4. Posting of discord invites in any of the text channel whether it is requested/accidental or not."
    - nope
    "5. Sending sexual/adult content, screamer links/gifs or explicit/controversial content in any text-channel even it has NSFW tag."
    - me and my friends have a different server for those kind of stuff so no need to send sa PG
    "6. Over queuing in music bot. 3 songs at a time. No albums/ compilation to be played."
    - pano mag queue sa music bot ?
    "7. Cursing/badmouthing other fellow members in any text channel and voice channel"
    - di ako mahilig sa away kaya di ko ginagawa yan
    Tas eto yung nakalagay na rules regarding sa bans
    "1. Sending invite links to admin/moderators/enforcers thru dm."
    - well I misclicked a server invite sa isang friend and I deleted it agad, at naintindihan naman nya at sobrang tagal na nun
    "2. Sending links to members that contains "auto", "macro", "cheat" software programs."
    - I hate cheaters in games so why would I endorse such a thing
    "3. Sending links or uploading files that contains viruses, worms, time bombs, and etc. Any other programs that may affect other users."
    - pictures, vids(game highlights) at memes lang sinesend ko bukod sa messages
    "4. Smurfing to bypass mutes/bans on other accounts."
    - inalis ko na sa PG yung smurf ko which is "Violet#9029" dati pa
    "5. Cursing/badmouthing the community admin/moderators/enforcers in any text channel and voice channel."
    - like I said earlier, di ako mahilig sa away
    "6. Having 9 warnings/ 3 times muted within 7 days."
    - almost 2 weeks na yung last mute ko bago yung mute ko before ban, not great at math pero hindi tatlo yun
    "7. Having selfbots or userbots."
    - ano yun ?
    "8. Performing or promoting the intentional use of glitches, hacks, bugs, and other exploits that will cause an incident within the community and other players."
    - not a fan of exploits
    "9. Organizing/Joining in raids, troll, and toxic."
    - ang raid lang namin ay sa destiny 2
    "10. Performing other forms of harassment which were sexual, defame, mock, or threaten."
    - nope(?)
    "11. Doxing people. Respect other people's privacy."
    - R E S P E C C
    "12. Sharing content with minors in it that is sexually and violent even it has NSFW tag."
    - protect the innocent minds at all cost
    "13. No Buying and Selling of any game accounts."
    - di naman buy and sell PG diba ?
    "14. Account sharing to gain perks or privileges is prohibited as this undermines legitimate users. We have a list eligible accounts for this, all members involved will be penalized."
    - lol accounts shineshare ko, pero di members ng PG
    Yeah, may kailangan akong baguhin sa sarili ko, pero di ko alam kung ano or san mag sisimula,
    parang yung exact reason ng ban ko, di ko alam
    I know not everyone deserves a second chance, but I'll still ask for one
  2. Rikuuen

    Rikuuen Newbie Gamer

    wow just browsing around and eto na yata ang pianaka mahabang ban appeal na nakita ko, however eto ang problem.

    The use basically denies any allegations instead of confessing directly. Base from my experience I know the discord mods have a log of evidence and they just want the user to apologise on what they did unfortunately this thread doesn't do that.

    So what im saying is i dont think this person deserve the second chance well thats just me.

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