DISGAEA RPG, a free-to-play strategy role-playing game, is now available worldwide on iOS and Android

Boltrend Games is publishing and introducing the series to the west, and Nippon Ichi Software is taking its favorite franchise to iOS and Android smartphones with a brand-new entry in the form of DISGAEA RPG. Disgaea has long been known for its zany characters, beautiful anime settings, and difficult fighting. This time around, the web version would be no different. However, it is planning to make several updates that will make it more available to both beginners and veterans.


Disgaea RPG is now up for pre-order on the App Store and the release date mentioned on the App Store is April 13th (April 12th in North America as confirmed on the official Facebook page). It is also available to pre-register on Google Play.

DISGAEA RPG brings together characters from around the game, including Laharl, Etna, Mao, Valvatorez, and more, for an adventure unlike any other. Aside from characters, the DISGAEA RPG features a mix of original storylines and the ability to relive key moments from previous games through the “Netherworld History” feature "Music from the DISGAEA games is playing in the background.

If you're not familiar with Disgaea, it's a turn-based JRPG with a penchant for massive damage numbers and cheeky, chaotic comedy because of its fantastic characters. I've been a fan since the third PlayStation 3 title, and I've often returned to see what ambitious new changes Nippon Ichi introduces for each new encounter.


The combat system is divided into several groups, each with its own set of abilities. You can merge these powers to unleash destructive squad attacks, or you can organize sprites into a literal tower of bodies to navigate the stage and do huge damage by falling on your opponents. It's both strategic and hilarious, thanks to easy-to-learn yet devilishly difficult-to-master combat.

Other elements in the DISGAEA RPG would be familiar to series viewers, such as calling the "Dark Assembly" to access different material, traveling the limitless "Item World" to upgrade your weapons, and challenging the "Overlord's Tower." "to be eligible for special rewards.

It wouldn't be a DISGAEA game without big numbers, and DISGAEA RPG allows you to awaken and upgrade characters up to level 9999 while doing billions of dollars in damage during turn-based fights. DISGAEA RPG provides auto-battle options and support for up to 4x the pace in terms of quality of life functionality.

DISGAEA players have a lot to play and look forward to, starting with DISGAEA RPG, which was recently released on PC after its console release. DISGAEA 6 will be released exclusively on Nintendo Switch in June. Given the mix of new plot elements as well as revisiting some of the series' most important elements from previous games, DISGAEA RPG is an excellent place to jump in if you’re totally new to the series, as well as a great way for existing fans to relive epic moments. You can download DISGAEA RPG for yourself for free on both iOS and Android by visiting this link.