Disney Mirrorverse Official GLobal Launch on iOS and Android devices

After a few months of localized testing, Disney Mirrorverse is now available worldwide. Users can put together a team of their favorite Disney and Pixar characters in this mobile role-playing game to defend the "Mirrorverse."


The most recent character to join Disney Mirrorverse is Anna from "Frozen."

"Anna is a selfless protector who loves to assist in putting an end to the relentless threat trying to take over the Mirrorverse. She is always ready to leap to the assistance of her teammates. Stellar Magic has only emphasized Anna's altruistic qualities in the Mirrorverse because she is a strong protector who cares a great deal about the people around her.


Working together with Anna, Elsa, Woody, and Buzz to prevent a Mirrorverse power source from slipping into the hands of the Fractured is one of the first limited-time objectives that players can access. Users will be able to level up and personalize their team of Mirrorverse Guardians as they accomplish additional objectives and story chapters and acquire new rewards and progression items. To access special characters, such as Zurg from "Lightyear," come back each month.


For a chance to win a limited-edition Disney art poster, a Disney Gift Card, a Disney Mirrorverse collectible figure, headphones, and more, fans may enter the Disney Mirrorverse Stellar Pack giveaway.


Disney Mirrorverse is currently accessible for no cost on Google Play or the Apple App Store in every country. In-app purchases are present.