Disorder Basic Gameplay Tutorial


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Jul 7, 2019
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Soldiers, the Disorder closed beta test is available today. We are pleased to introduce to you an illustrated tutorial of the game! Let’s roll out!

Note: The gameplay tutorial is for the current version. It might be altered in further versions. And we welcome all kinds of suggestions about the game!

Part 1 Introduction:

1. Lobby
The first time you log in to the game, get a name for yourself. In the lobby, click the HEROES tab.

2. Heroes
Check the introduction to heroes in the HEROES tab. Check game events in the EVEBTS tab.
There are 14 available heroes in the current beta test, among which five heroes are free to play while you need to purchase the others with in-game coins. Every one of them has his/her unique primary weapon and secondary weapon and has one passive and two abilities.

You can chat in the lower left corner of the screen and team up with other players in the lower right corner of the screen.

Choose your hero here. You cannot choose the same hero as your teammate does. You can switch on or off the in-game communication with teammates.

3. Maps & game modes
ULF: A huge map, where up to 100 players fight each other for victory.
Base Battle: Available at a certain time during the CBT. In this game mode, you can choose three different maps as your battlefield where your squad need to attack or defend a base on the map. For both game modes, you will team up with four teammates to fight together. The squad that fully occupy the base (For ULF, it is the base in the missile silo.) become the winner of the game.

Part 2 In A Game

1. Heroes Gathering
The game will start once there are 100 players gathering in one battle. Select a route for your course (A, B, or C) to land on the island. One player becomes the captain of a squad and transfer the role to another. Get familiar with the structures and terrains at this phase.

2. Land on the island
Get off the transport ship in 10 seconds. You can choose to follow your captain or not. Take a boat to land on the island. Players are invincible on the boat. Using this to avoid a melee at the beginning of the game.

3. Victory conditions
100 players (20 squads) fight for victory in the ULF map. Win the game by defeating all other enemies or successfully occupying the base in the Missile Silo located at the center of the map. Small bases will open in two minutes since the beginning of the game.

Once a team successfully occupy a small base for the first time, all the large bases will open in two minutes. The base in the Missile Silo opens within two minutes after a squad occupy a large base for the first time.

If you successfully occupy the base in within the missile silo, you and your teammates are the winner of the game!

Part 3 Strategies

1. Choose your strategy
Jungle: Defeat Mercenary bots on the map to attain coins and EXP.

Drone: you can choose to take a drone to head to elsewhere on the map at a fast pace. The pickup locations are marked on the map.

Revive: You can revive all defeated teammates by occupying a base on the ULF map.

2. Advance yourself in a combat
Attain coins and EXP after defeating enemies and bots. Coins are used for purchasing gears. EXP is used for hero’s and talent’s leveling up according to your preference.

Guns have four levels of quality (Green, Blue, Purple and Gold). You can upgrade your weapons by purchasing gears in the store or picking up chips from defeated bots or occupied bases.


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