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Jul 7, 2019
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Soldiers, the Disorder closed beta test is available now. Today we would like to introduce some practical skills and strategies of the game! Let’s roll out!

Note: The gameplay tutorial is for the current version. It might be altered in further versions.
The tutorial mainly divides into two parts: strategies about occupying a base and finding a shortcut to the center of the map.

Part 1 Find A Shortcut
There are vehicles in the game. Drone is one of them. Marked on the ULF map, all drone pickup locations are randomly generated in every single game.

If there are two nearby pickup locations, you can have a quick trip towards the center of the map by taking drones consecutively.

Part 2 Strategies About Occupying a Base

Hide and Assault
Strategy: Hide at dark and defeat enemies in a flash. Choose any spot that can conceal your position.

Example: Beretta and her teammate wait for the prey and uses her Vacuum Grenade to cast debuff on them and fires at will.

Beretta’s Vacuum Grenade: Throws a grenade to gravitate enemies to the center of explosion.
Decoy and Engage

Strategy: Choose any spot that can conceal your position. Use Plaguedoctor to create a clone to deceive enemies and wait for a precise strike.

Example: Plaguedoctor creates a clone of her own to decoy incoming enemies. Once enemies notice that they wasted bullets on a clone, it’s too late for them to win the fight.

Plaguedoctor’s Clone: Creates a clone of herself to deceive enemies.
Strike enemies by surprise

Strategy: There are circumstances that enemies occupy a base ahead of you. Stay calm, make a plan to sneak into the base and launch raids from the most bizarre of angles.

Example: Nightingale creates a silent area surrounding her squad. Anemone creates green smoke to block enemies’ vision and uses Kill Mark to mark all the enemies in her line of sight. In this way enemies are neutralized and the base is your hands.

Nightingale’s Silence: Generates a silent area surrounding Nightingale and sound of friendly heroes cannot be heard.
Anemone’s Healing Smoke: Creates smoke to heal allied forces or block enemy’s sight.
Anemone’s Kill Mark: Marks all the enemies in your line of sight.

We tried to use the little to get the big. This piece of article is just a small part of the very strategies we can utilize in the game. We would love to see more fantastic ideas from you!

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