Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia 8M DL Campaign gives out great bonuses for you to start playing

Final Fantasy has been a great series with a huge following. Because of the successful IP, they have launched several series of the game including gacha games. Which is a great source of gaining revenue because people loooooove their characters, don't deny it, I do too. We stick in the gacha hell together, mates. But I already have my fill of games to balance out each day. So, how about I give you one suggestion if you definitely like Final Fantasy and you want to feel your progress go on real fast?

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia or DFFOO for short, has amassed 8 Million downloads of their game and as a token of appreciation, will run a campaign filled with rewards for newbies and veterans alike. This would help both as the veterans can greatly increase their character pool and progression and the newbies will have a faster progression than without this.

What would the DL Campaign consist of? You get a one-time bonus of 8,000 gems which is very useful for leveling up characters quickly in the game, really beneficial. Also, players will be getting 8 DRAW TICKETS every day via the Extra Daily Missions, now that is really fun for the players who have the need to ROLL! We know we love our gacha pulls even if the results are hell.

Then, there's also the May Faire event that grants you more rewards once you clear the special quests that it has as well. Clearly, it's a field day for the players but it's an awesome reward system that will get people hooked to get to play more, loving the franchise and the devs even more.

Either way, I consulted one of my friends in this note and he rarely plays gacha games in mobile and is more of a huge FF fan, he attests that SQEX really showers the players with great things in the game and gives out awesome rewards to keep the player base happy, which... I can definitely see in the recent rewards.

Meh, I am too pre-occupied in my gacha games, I've already made a schedule. That would be subject to change if things get trivialized on my end. Still, I don't have space for DFFOO, sadly. But how about you, hearing the rewards, are you eager to give DFFOO a chance? Tell us in the comments below!