Disturbing Stuff Found in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice


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Aug 14, 2018
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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has been the talk around the block in these couple of months. And for a good reason. Sekiro, another masterpiece delivered by From Software is a gaming experience that has pushed the player's skills and patience to the absolute edge. Apart from that, the beautifully rendered landscapes and the fluid motions of the controls and the animation puts Sekiro miles ahead from the last game in this particular genre. Sekiro borrows its unique theme from ancient feudal Japan, as well as its folklore myths. Now, I'm sure that no one actually has addressed the disturbing stuff that you will come across the game from time to time, or perhaps you're pumped with adrenaline to notice a disturbing scene. Here's a couple of disturbing stuff found in Sekiro, and boy oh boy, it's disturbing alright.

Pot Noble: Hirata Estate

Now the first thing you're going to notice about this place is the music. The eerie music of doom plays the entire level, and this map is a long one. And I have to admit the combination of the music and my very newbie level character, which means I have to avoid everyone had me on alert mode. And when I saw the pot moved, it startled the crap out of me. So what's so disturbing about a man in a pot?

Well for one, he's a man hiding in a pot trying to turn into a carp. And his method in achieving his goal is to use the carp scales that we collect and somehow transforms himself into it. Yeah, it sounds like a plot for a B grade horror flick. Anyway here's the end product of the man with a dream:

Even more disturbing, NEXT!


We all know where this is heading (ha!). And of course the location of this particular boss will be in a dark cave, I mean why not? On top that, Headless emits a fog around him that disables your dodge function, so enjoy walking briskly around him, trying to get the jump on him. Oh, let's not forget about his very long and overcompensating sword that's going to make dodging this a nightmare. And parrying will also be a problem as the sword is imbued with terror, so with each hit, you parry your terror meter fills up and unlike any other status condition in the game, full terror bar will instantly kill you.

Basically, this fight is designed to stress you out to the max. You'll have to farm for divine confetti that helps to deal higher damage to the spirit type enemies and divine confetti can only be found as a rare drop by a strong enemy which will kill you if you don't have your parry game on point all the time.

Guardian Ape

I hate monkeys. Period. And this gigantic, dirty looking ape has got me all worked up. Now, there's nothing disturbing so far looking at the Guardian. Just a ferocious looking creature with long ass nails, unkempt fur, and just an annoying animal that occasionally farts in your face and toss boulder-sized poop right on your face.

Here's my problem though:

Headless Guardian Ape

This is the problem. Another godforsaken headless boss. And this time around, it has weird and fluid like movements as it tries to slash you with its gigantic sword. Oh, let's not forget the occasional roar it does which inflict terror. Another annoying battle and to be honest, quite a disturbing one, but with enough time and tries, once you get the attack strings, finishing this fight will leave you quite satisfied in the end.

Long arm Centipede

Sekiro knows how to treat gamers with horrible monsters that will induce nightmares for months to come. And this Frankenstein's monster is something else. We're going to assume it's a human(?) that turned into a....thing with wolverine claws, and with molotovs.

By the way, the only reason why I called this thing a human, or at least it was human because of its face:

Sweet dreams you guys....

Infested Monk with Centipede

Centipede seems like a recurring theme in this game, huh? I wonder what it means... Now, if have you opened up the Senpou Temple level, congratulations. You have greatly increased your skillset and probably have higher EQ now considering the few boss battles you've gone through to make it here.

Now over here, you will find a bunch of different type of henchmen, which usually revolves around the Buddhist monk theme. Nothing disturbing so far. That's until you come across one of this though:

First off, a dead monk which is infested by one of those centipedes that give it immortality? I mean what could go wrong? Well, the moment you approach and attack it in quick succession, you'll notice a perilous attack symbol and you probably went, “what's it going to do? Chant me to death?”. You are now regretting your decisions as your body is snatched by a centipede and coiled up snuggly for the dead monk to devour your life juice. The whole affair is disgusting, and frankly very annoying. Once you get the Mortal Blade though, this will bring a more satisfying ending to each infested monk you find.

Old Dragons of the Tree

Now picture a dragon. If you pictured majestic creatures with generally dragon features that we all are exposed collectively, then we probably on the same boat as we get a face reveal on the monstrosity that is the next enemy on this list, this guy:

Just look at this...thing. Dragon thing with a human's face. All it's doing is making me want to kill it more. Like really hard. But to be fair, this enemy poses barely any danger and only functions as the teaser before the bigger boss.

Sekiro has done well to introduce an amazing game with a lot of originality and reference to some historical context (obviously, a big extent of the game is obviously not real). Sekiro also promotes players to not take the easy route of changing difficulty, but instead to embrace the difficulty and to level their skills till they're able to beat certain parts of the game. Git gud or get rekt. What's your favorite disturbing boss?


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Apr 21, 2019
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i wanted to play sekiro but im a very angry person so i tend to avoid this type of games, but regardless this sure are very disturbing
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