Dive Into The Water Festival and Other Celebrations in Black Desert SEA

Pearl Abyss today announced that there will be a water festival and other celebrations taking place starting today. Adventurers can now seek exclusive rewards by diving into these events.

Mystical Ellie’s Water Festival has returned with more exciting events this year. Until April 22, Adventurers can complete event quests in Terrmian Beach and pop Splashy Water Balloons using certain items that they received from the quests. They can also get Traces of a Festival by defeating monsters, gathering, fishing or staying logged in for 1 hour. Moreover, those who defeat a Rock Tree Stoneback Crab can claim rewards that can be exchanged for exclusive items.

Adventurers in Velia can now accept quests from Clorince to collect Goose Eggs until April 22. Those who complete the quests will be rewarded one of five different Flondor Goose Eggs. Adventurers who collect these eggs can claim special items and buffs including Goose Egg Furniture items.

The Abandoned Monastery has been renewed with more powerful enemies. The Shadow Knights of Calpheon that reside in the Abandoned Monastery have been engulfed by Kzarka’s evil powers. Monsters in certain underground places of the Monastery have become a lot more powerful. The enraged monsters now have a “Blessed by Kzarka” title and drop Dawn Earrings, a new accessory.

Last but not least, the World Boss schedule for Black Desert SEA has been updated. To celebrate the update, Adventurers who defeat certain bosses can claim a Shiny Ring until April 22. The Shiny Ring can be exchanged for Belongings of an Adventurer, which can be opened to claim an exclusive item.

Seoul, South Korea, April 8, 2020

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