Divergent Movie Finale Might End on TV

Discussion in 'Movies' started by LockDown, Jul 21, 2016.

  1. LockDown


    One of the worse box office Divergent film Allegiant only made half of the previous movies they made. Looks like the season finale of the Divergent series wont make it on the big screen rumors said. The Divergent Finale might only be shown on the TV because of the last movie disappointment that got a low box office sales, Variety's source tells them that it's still in the early stages of negotiation, and Lionsgate Television will take the reins on production.


    Variety reports that production company Lionsgate plans to end the Divergent series with a TV movie and spinoff series set in the same world. The last movie,Ascendant, was scheduled for a theater release in June 2017.

    source via gamespot

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