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Jun 1, 2018
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DN Private Servers for some time are running on the usual formula,

*High Stats, Damage, Enemy HP, every number is set/multiplied at high amounts
*Carrying the Pay2Win concept purely, not generously
*Running active from the start and soon no updates in a few months

This time, we'll be doing something new and daring.

So introducing DNnice, the first DN Private Server launched to have included the spin-off
classes WITHOUT THE ERRORS including the Blood Phantom.

Game Settings
1. All skills updated and has minimal to no error with awakening.
2. Permanent costumes are distributed the moment you start playing (per character)
3. Working transformation for costumes
4. A lot of nostalgic costume sets in the shop to pick
5. Free gacha boxes can also give a chance to get free costume parts
6. Costume Synthesis, Equipment Evolution, Spirit and Pet Growth
7. Safe Enhancement of Equipment up to +15 (Maximum of +20)
8. This is the latest and most perfect DN private server closest to the original. See you in-game

Drop Rate: x5
Exp Rate : x10
Gold Rate: x50

Start from level 80, less hassle for leveling to max
Free +20 level 95 set equipment per character
Point system working (e.g. Nest, Dungeon, Nightmare, Slayer, etc.)

Website: http://www.dnnice.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/A5wvSTk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nicedns/

If there are errors upon launching, there's a #help channel on our discord with an active helper and players

Proper in-game screenshots featuring a Silver Hunter in several locations


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