Do you happy when PlayStation Games now on Steam store? PS4 


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May 18, 2021
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Recently, Sony has officially announced that they will partner with Steam to bring PlayStation exclusive games to the Stream game store. Thus, it is clear that the deal between Sony and Epic Game has not reached an agreement. Although Epic Game previously paid $200 million for Sony to exclusively release PlayStation games on the Epic Store platform.

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Now you can access PlayStation game on the Steam store

Back to Steam, now when accessing the Steam application on PC, users can see the PlayStation section in a separate branch. This is the area where PlayStation exclusive games are released on PC.

So far we know there are quite a few exclusive games that will release in the near future. Two previous games, Horizon Zero Dawn and Death Standing have landed on Steam. In the near future, the post-apocalyptic survival game Days Gone will also release on PC. According to many sources from the famous leaker, CrazyLeaksOnATrain. The tittles like God of War, Ghost of Tsushima, and Bloodborne or Final Fantasy 7 Remake will also be brought to PC.

Now you can access PlayStation games in Steam market
Now you can access PlayStation games in Steam market
On the Sony side, they also confirmed that there will be about 21 content including corner games and DLCs will be released to PC this year. However, which names specifically, Sony has not confirmed. It seems that we will basically know more through leakers than from official sources.

With this news, it seems to be an unpleasant thing for PlayStation players as most people buy the system. And of course they want to have access to exclusive games instead of having to share them with PC players. However, this is a tactical move by Sony when this is what they need to do to attract PC players who will buy PS5.

Basically, when releasing PlayStation titles to PC. Their main purpose is to entice players to buy a PS5 by releasing their titles exclusively on their proprietary system. In general, the games that SONY agrees to release on PC are big names that will definitely have a sequel like Horizon Zero Dawn or the upcoming God of War.


The last thing that can be seen is this is a short-term contract, certainly, Sony will not bring all the games that will help them build their PlayStation ecosystem on PC. With the $200 million that Epic Games spent, it could be seen that Sony is getting more from Steam. And this deal is short-term for a limited number of PlayStation exclusive titles.