Dogie confirms Aether Esports with MLBB team complete, Now recruiting for Wild Rift, PUBG Mobile, and Call of Duty: Mobile

Nexplay EVOS’ Dogie reveals that his recently revived Aether Esports is now looking to field several teams for various esports titles. He revealed in his vlog that the Mobile Legends team of Aether Esports is almost complete and the organization is currently recruiting more players for their Wild Rift, PUBG Mobile, and Call of Duty: Mobile.


After Dogie’s announcement of leaving Nexplay Esports, he is now working on bringing back his former esports organization, Aether Esports. In his recent vlog, Dogie said that his organization is now recruiting for players to send out in various mobile esports titles.

“So, we’re looking for players for CODM [COD Mobile], also Wild Rift, also MLBB, also PUBG Mobile” stated Dogie. “Basically every mobile esports.”

He also said that the main five players of the Nexplay 2.0 MLBB squad will be moving to Aether Esports with plans of adding five more players soon. Add to that, Dogie also discussed the requirements needed to apply for each mobile esports title.

“For CODM guys, we prefer a whole squad, so they already have chemistry, we don’t like to acquire them individually,” Dogie said. “It’s also the same with PUBG Mobile.”

While Dogie prefers to recruit a whole squad for CODM and PUBG Mobile, the same can’t be said for Wild Rift as he thinks that the Wild Rift esports scene has not grown enough.

“Squad or not, we’ll just have to see if we’ll have to go for individuals because the pro players in Wild Rift are limited,” Said Dogie. “Their [esports] scene is so dead, it’s super dead.”

As of the moment, it is not yet confirmed whether Aether Esports will be competing in the MPL PH Season 10.