DokeV, collectible MMO from Pearl Abyss!

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    Pearl Abyss has announced in the biggest gaming convention in Asia (which is happening right now until November 17), the G-Star 2019, that they will be releasing three projects, one of them is the open-world MMORPG, called DokeV!

    DokeV was first planned to be for mobile, but the developers have decided to release it on console and PC, but do not worry as they still consider having this game on mobile.


    Kim Sang Young, the lead producer of DokeV, explained that they had a hard time thinking about the game title, but one of their crew suggested that is should be "DokeV" which was stuck in their minds making it the official name for "Project V".

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    This game is a collectible MMO (like Pokémon), so prepare to engage with your friends and enjoy trading with them!


    It really has been a request of Pokémon players to have an open-world, so we are thankful that Pearl Abyss has created this game for us!


    Stay tuned for more updates about the other 2 projects from Pearl Abyss, Plan 8 and Crimson Desert.
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