DOTA 2 2.72 Patch Update: Major Item-centric Changes

Guild of Guardians
Dota 2 recently went live with their new 2.72 patch update but the changes that they made are somehow different than what players can expect from a new patch. Instead of adding new heroes or nerfing the existing, its focus is mostly on the items that totally underwent revamped.

Two new items are introduced which can be a potential staple equips for hero carry and mages. Basic items like Bracer have given secondary stat boost and, perhaps the biggest change of all is the total nerfed of the infamous Necronomicon which many creative players before have utilized a build based on this item.

Boosting Wraith Band, Bracer, and Null Talisman

Since DOTA 1, these three items have been the must-have for any heroes at the start of every game for those needed stat boosts. Now with the new update, these three will be more vital than ever to help you survive during the early phase of the match.

Wraith Band now grants additional 1.5 armor and +5 attack speed. Bracer pumps more bonus for tankers with its additional +3 damage and +0.75 HP regen. Null Talisman now also provides +0.6 mana regen and +3% spell amplification. However, to make them balanced after this secondary boost, the three now provides only +5 to the main attribute of heroes.

New Items: Voodoo Mask and Blitz Knuckles

Voodoo Mask, a new item that replaced Mystic Staff as one of the core ingredients in creating Octarine Core, allows your hero to have a spell life steal of +12% for heroes and 2.5% for creeps. This is something good not only for mages but even heroes whose bread and butter is mostly spamming spells in the battle.

Blitz Knuckle, on the other hand, replaced Quarterstaff if you want to build a Monkey King Bar. This new item grants 35 attack speed with a very affordable price of 1,000; a good deal for anyone who wants to amp their attack speed especially for carry for faster kills.

A Much-Easier To Use Blade Mail and Silver Edge Need Echo Sabre

Blade Mail's buff which is also an important factor for anyone who wants to charge in the battle and return all the damage to their enemy is now completely passive. No more activation requires and it grants you automatically a 20+ 20% damage reflect.

Silver Edge which is essential for marksmen carry can now be build using Echo Sabre as a primary component as it replaced the Ultimate Orb. Echo Sabre's slow effect is only now limited now for real heroes which is quite a drawback to those who have a cloning skill like Monkey King.

No more "Zoo" Build?

Necronomicon is now officially nerfed in 2.72 patch with both its warrior and archer summon completely toned down. The Warrior summon's Last Will skill done inflict damage anymore while the Archer doesn't provide an additional attack speed and move speed buff. On the other hand, they are now official more attuned for hero killing than farming for creeps since their damage to heroes is boosted but drastically reduced for creeps.

Helm of Dominator Modification

Say goodbye now to the Helm's damage and regen aura and say hello to a stronger and tougher dominated creeps with a whooping +40 base damage, +12 HO regen, and +4 mana regen.

Changes in Mechanics

Other significant change in the new patch includes the removal of Prowler's Camp, killing heroes now grant more golds and xps than the usual (perfect for aggro-stye gameplay), and neutral creeps at midlane are now changed into medium to small camps. Lane creeps will also avoid heroes now unless they get near to a hero or to the tower. In addition to this, the Fountain now deals more damage which some may change their tactics and go for the Ancients instead.

For the complete patch note details head on to this link for your reference. Let us know your thoughts on the changes in DOTA 2 in the comment section down below.