DOTA 2 Announces Regional Leagues

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Get your gears ready and your dreams aimed higher as your chance to be in the big leagues begin at the grind. Why grind now though? Because if you play DOTA 2 and aim to be on the top soon, worry not as this announcement will shook you and reinvigorate your desire to be a pro player, as long as you have the guts to do so. Let's talk about DOTA2 Regional Leagues.

Yesterday, DOTA 2 has just annonced regional leagues. These leagues will be handled by the Dota Pro Circuit. After TI10 this year, the group will create a league that will measure up the Tier 2 and 3 teams to the test in order to be known in the Dota2 esports scene and represent their country. Each year will have 3 seasons, these seasons will consist of six regional leagues, these are from China, SEA, SA, NA, CIS and Europe.Those who will emerge victorious will be featured in a major that will show their improvement in their craft and might have a chance to be in the bigger competitions next year.

Regional League Mechanics

Each regional league will have a prize pool of $280,000 and will have 16 teams, 8 teams will be in the Upper Division while the remaining 8 will be placed in the Lower Division. Overall, 96 teams will participate in the competition from all the regions that they have mentioned. In order to scale up the competition, those from the lower division must achieve the two highest positions in the Lower Division. They will, meanwhile replace the two lowest ones in the Upper Division. Those who are in the Lower Division should not slack however, as those two will be eliminated if they are unable rank higher than the bottom two of the Lower Division. Those who will be eliminated will be replaced by those who will participate in the Open Qualifiers of the leagues to bring in new talents and names in the tournament. According to them, this will make sure that the consistency of the teams will be seen by all and the league being a regular thing in the whole year will show their grit and grind to the competition.

Each leagues will have six weeks of competition and in those weeks, three days per week, having consistent time and date for each region. They will be set in PST or Pacific Standard Time. The format of these matches will be BO3 (Best of 3) Round Robin. Those who want to watch these competition can watch in some channels. For the Upper Division, they can view it on studio broadcasts while the Lower Division will be seen in DotaTV.

For the starting season, Valve will be the ones that will pick the teams from both upper and lower divisions. These teams must choose a region as long as they are eligible. The remaining slots will be filled after The International ends.

Prize Distribution

Fame and fortune favors those who will do their best in the regional leagues. Upper Division Teams will win $30,000 for the first place until $22,000 to the 8th place. The Champion of the Upper Division will head on and wait for the winner as they march on the Major Playoffs. Second Placers will have to meet each other in the Major Group Stage while 3rd and 4th placers will need to duke it out in the Wild Card Stages. As mentioned previously, the 7th and 8th place will be relegated to the Lower Division as they will try their best to climb again to reclaim their positions.

The Lower Division has their work cut out for them as they will get significantly lower prize pool from the upper division however these are still prizes worth doing their best from $17,000 for the Champion of the Lower Division and $7,000 for the 6th place. No prizes for the 7th and 8th placers as they will be replaced by teams in the Open Qualifiers. The champion and second place of the lower division will be heading on the Upper Division as the replacement of the 7th and 8th placers of that division.

It is worth noting that the top 5 of the Upper Division will receive DPC points, these points will help them track their progress and achievement in the competition. For the end of the season, the twelve teams with the highest DPC points will qualify for a shot at the International, proving their worth in the regionals.. The points that they will be getting will range from 500 DPC points for the Champion, 2nd place will have 300 DPC points, 3rd will have 200, 4th and 5th will gain 100 and 50 respectively.


For the majors, they will have a prize pool worth $500,000 and DPC points. Those who are participating in the majors are the top teams across all regions. There will be 4 slots for Europe and China, 3 slots for NA and SEA and 2 slots for CIS and South America, totalling of 18 teams.

The format of the majors are as follows:

Majors Wildcard
Format: 6 teams Bo2 round robin. The top two teams will be able to advance to the group stage and those who will receive the bottom 2 will be eliminated.

These will be given out to these teams:
  • EU League 3rd place.
  • EU League 4th place
  • CN League 3rd place
  • CN League 4th place
  • NA League 3rd place
  • SEA League 3rd place.
As for the group stage:

Format: 8 teams Bo2 round robin. The top two teams will advance to the playoffs upper bracket while the 3rd to 6th placers will battle it out in the lower brackets. Again, the bottom two will be eliminated.

These teams will be:
  • EU League 2nd place
  • CN League 2nd Place
  • NA League 2nd Place
  • SA League 2nd Place
  • CIS League 2nd Place
  • SEA League 2nd Place
  • 1st Wildcard
  • 2nd Wildcard


And finally here we are in the playoffs, for the playoffs there will be a double elimination contest. Meaning they will have another shot even if they lose once in the competition. Ofcourse, losing twice will be "bye-bye" for them. But hey, congratulations for them in making this far. Here goes those who will participate.

Upper Bracket:
  • EU League 1st place
  • CN League 1st place
  • SEA League 1st place
  • SA League 1st place
  • NA League 1st place
  • CIS League 1st place
  • Group Stage – 1st place
  • Group Stage – 2nd place

Lower Bracket:
  • Group Stage – 3rd place
  • Group Stage – 4th place
  • Group Stage – 5th place
  • Group Stage – 6th place

Playoff Prize Distribution

These teams are already winners, however the only thing that will differentiate with them will be their prizes and the DPC points. Popularity will surely shine upon the Top 3 but remember, every season will have major and every year will have 3 seasons, so these teams will have a lot of time to prove themselves as the best among their regions and the whole world as well. Here's the breakdown of the winnings of each team according to their places.

The first place will receive $200,000 and 500 DPC points. Second place will be given $100,000 and 450 DPC points. The third placers will nab $75,000 and 400 DPC points. The fourth ones will get $50,000 dollars and 350 DPC points. The 5th and 6th gets $25,000 and 300 DPC points. Finally, the 7th and 8th place teams will get $12,500 and 200 DPC points.

The Road to TI

The top 12 teams with the most DPC will head to the International. The World Stage for the Dota2 Esports. With the remaining slots will be decided through six regional final chance qualifiers, each with the 8 best teams from each region that haven’t been invited to TI. There won’t be open qualifiers to TI so they aim high for a chance at TI.

The Dates

These will be the dates for the competition for those who are interested to participate and those who are eager to watch:
  • S1 Fall League: Oct 5th – Nov 15th
  • S1 Major: Dec 7th – Dec 19th
  • S2 Winter League: Jan 4th – Feb 14th
  • S2 Major: Mar 8th – Mar 20th
  • S3 Spring League: Apr 12th – May 23rd
  • S3 Major: June 21st – July 3rd

This event will spark a flame for those who have been grinding for so long yet are being failed to recognized because they are being outshone by others. The Regional Leagues will be their starting spot for the glory that they will have trying to attain for so long. With the end goal being in the Internationals, the stakes are high for those who will compete for the trophy and the prestige of being the champions!