Dota 2 - CrashTalk - Aug 23 2015 - PHP 250xRegistration (Sta Mesa)


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Aug 21, 2015
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Full Name
Title: CrashTalk Dota 2 Tournament Philippines
Game: Dota2
Description: Official CrashTalk Dota 2 Team

Match Type: Internet Cafe
Event Date: August 23,2015
Deadline: August 21, Friday

Prize Details
Cash Prize (P220 x Number of Participating Teams)
Winner will become the official CrashTalk Dota 2 Team, Bootcamp in preparation for Dota 2 Tournaments and others.

Contact info: 09175405779
Address: CrashTalk Computer Shop, Teresa, Sta Mesa (Near PUP and Pacific Sta Mesa)

Registration Fee: P350 per Team, Free PC Rental


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