Dota 2: 'Fast Queue'

Let us say farewell to the long queue and prepare for the newest matchmaking: 'Fast Queue'

Since many users are giving their bad experiences with slow queueing times due to more strict requirements for Ranked Roles, Valve has now developed a new system, 'Fast Queue'

Before this restriction happened, waiting for pubs was way faster considering most of the people are drawn to it. But according to Valve, this resulted in some of the players who are desiring the same role which we all have been experiencing right now.

With the Ranked Roles, they [Valve] hoped that this will resolve the chaos of designating of positions but came with longer queue times.

“The matchmaker must wait for players in the desired roles to enter the queue or form sub-optimal matches with the players currently in the queue to satisfy all role requirements. Usually, the role most in demand by the matchmaker is Hard Support, but this is not always the case, and historically this has varied based on time of day, skill bracket, region, etc.”

So now, Valve officially announced this update on their website saying those who are part of the ‘Fast Queue’ pool will find their matches quickly.

“To address role imbalance more generally, today’s update introduces Fast Queue for Ranked matchmaking. In order to earn games for Fast Queue, you must elect to play with all the roles selected. Playing with all roles selected will also automatically place you in Fast Queue for free.”

"Going forward, our immediate focus will be validating that Fast Queue is doing enough to improve the health of the matchmaking pool, and tweaking as necessary. We'll also be rolling out a small incremental update to the behavior and report system in the coming weeks."

"We appreciate your patience thus far as we iterate on matchmaking."

Valve also mentioned that players should always send them feedback.

Have you now experienced efficient queueing? What is your opinion about this?