Dota 2 Introduces New Player Experience and More In A Comprehensive Update

The launch of DOTA: Dragon's Blood on Netflix has been very successful and with this, Valve is releasing a comprehensive update to the player experience, and more, for potential newcomers.


Learning the game will be very difficult for new players coming to join and play because of the vast number of new things to process and absorb. Although some have the luxury of partying up with friends, solo players will have to deal with complex information all on their own. Sifting through all of them is definitely overwhelming and may cause players to find a hard time improving their gameplay.

In a blog post, Valve said, "As the community knows, depth and discovery are hallmarks of Dota. They're why we play. However, that depth also brings a vast number of new things to process and absorb, and the first steps of Dota discovery sometimes feel overwhelming. It's true that the highs of Dota are surprising and joyous, but for new players it's often difficult to sift through all the information and find clear paths to positive results. Today's update aims to help with that."

In the coming update, Valve is aiming to offer a system of steady engagement. Instead of linear tutorials, the game will provide a mixture of diverse tools and resources to help new players work and learn on their specific needs. This will provide gradual learning experience for new players instead of overloading them with a dump of information. Let's take a closer look at some of the things players should expect to see in the new update.


New players will now see a streamlined version of the shop, which will display a guide on what specific items to build and then suggest new item choices to help guide players step-by-step. This will limit information overload and present players with easier options. The update also includes new default guides for all heroes to help players effectively use the hero they want to play.

For returning players, there is no need to worry, because the old normal shop is still accessible. New players can also use the normal shop once they get used to choosing items.

dota 2.png

The upcoming update will be introducing the New Player Objectives. It is a new quest-like system of objectives that let players explore the game and learn it effectively. It will be featuring four tiers of progression and will be focusing on objective concepts such as warding, teleporting, or courier control. Others touch on team fights, lockdown, or initiation. And some introduce you to things like Demo Hero, playing with friends, or spectating.

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Along with the New Player Objectives, the New Player Rewards will also be introduced to the game. Players who successfully complete a task in each of the four tiers will be able to earn new rewards.


The new Glossary is filled with information about the game. It will break down different aspects of the game into simpler terms and will provide players with available resources to help fill their in-game knowledge gaps. The glossary will also be covering sections about all the units and items in the game, important features of the battlefield, a crash course on Dota-specific teamwork, and a rundown of some more advanced topics.


Valve will be adding a New Player Mode, based from the concept of the old Limited Mode, which will be featuring a small and stable hero pool. This will help players learn the basics more effectively and efficiently. In this mode, players will be allowed to leave the match without any time penalties and let players try on different heroes or learn a few things in free moments.

Players who leave the new game mode will then be immediately replaced by new updated and improved bots. Valve has implemented various improvements to the default set to let bots support gameplay changes like outposts, neutral items, and new abilities. They have also added a new bot difficulty level custom-built for players learning the game.


New players who are brave enough to face off against real-time opponents will be assisted by In-game Wizard Tips. A helpful wizard will appear when new players do something unwisely and provide some timely, life-saving advice. It can help turn the tides of the game by guiding players through common mistakes and advising what to do to avoid them.

The developers and moderators will be cracking down on banning smurf accounts. Valve has confirmed that it will now be a bannable offense and will also occasionally manually ban old pre-existing accounts that are clearly game-ruining. This is to make sure that most games of Dota will be fairly matched. Players can use the new post-game report option to flag any suspicious smurfs.

You can check out Valve's blog post to get more in depth details about the upcoming update and if you are interested in knowing the game better. The 7.29 update is confirmed to set out for launch on the day after the Singapore Major, which will also include the next hero and a balance-focused gameplay update as well.

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