DOTA 2 Meets Counter Strike on New Game Mod Polystrike

Combining game genre has a 50-50 ratio of success. Sometimes it can groundbreaking but it also can be a frustrating flop. But the recent DOTA 2 mod proved that all it takes is the right mix of elements to make the craziest hybrid genre to work.

Polystrike, which was recently launched at the height of numerous teasers released by CS: GO's incoming rival Valorant, is a top-down shooting game that fuses Counter Strike and DOTA 2 in one single game. Created by Mark Mocherad, the mod game has all the features of Counter Strike from Deathmacth to Hostage and Defusal Mode all done in a MOBA-like environment.

The game despite its fresh take to CS provides the familiar core elements of the infamous FPS with all its classic weapons and equipment ready to be accessed by players. Many even compare its gameplay to other popular top-down games like Miami Hotline. But Polystrike gives you a much different taste of combat as it promises a fast pace gameplay.

Take note though that the game is still on the beta test so expect that some bugs are still present. However, it is completely playable now in Steam and its creator is continuously fixing the bugs encountered by players in the mod game.

Polystrike has the potential to be a hit game and perhaps it may also help the CS: GO to keep its popularity safe knowing that many new FPS are itching to steal the crown from it. We can't deny the fact that even a mod game (i.e DOTA 1) has the chance to make it among the ranks of the best game in the world.