Dota 2 Plus Breakdown, Twitch Free Games and more


Mar 4, 2015

Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer!

Dota 2 Subscription
  • Dota 2 unveiled a new monthly subscription service
  • According to Valve Dota Plus is an evolution of the Battle Pass
  • HareHere the key features of the Dota Plus
    • Hero Progression Breakdown
      • Hero Leveling
        • every game with a hero now earns you XP towards that hero's level progress
        • As your hero level advances, you'll unlock new tiers of hero level badges.
        • Each level grants Reward Shards, and each tier grants new Hero Chat Wheel responses.
      • Hero Specific Challenges
        • Once you've selected your hero, you can choose from that hero's active challenges.
        • A set of challenges can be refreshed every two weeks.
        • Complete a challenge with one, two, or three stars in a victory in order to apply the XP reward towards your level progress.
      • Hero Relics
        • Each hero has gained a reliquary with slots for 14 Relics—10 Common and 4 Rare—that track a variety of battleground achievements.
        • You can unlock Relics for any hero by using Reward Shards, and when you unlock multiple Relics, they all track simultaneously.
        • Once unlocked, Relics update and display your statistical milestones as you play, with a breakdown of progress in each match available on the post-game screen
      • Hero Chat Wheel,
        • Take control of your hero's voice with the new Hero Chat Wheel
        • which lets you choose phrases your hero can say in allied or all chat
        • Each hero's initial phrases unlock after your first game as that hero
        • with more phrases available as you increase your hero badge tier.
      • Weekly Reward
        • Each week presents the opportunity to earn 1,000 extra shards for your rewards stash
        • just win three games before the weekly timer refreshes
      • Plus Rewards
        • In addition to relics, you can use your shards to choose rewards from a stock of new Plus-exclusive items
        • as well as select legacy item sets for some of the most popular heroes
    • Plus Assistant
    • The most controversial among the subscription as its basically giving you an in game coach
    • Plus Assistant offers real-time item and ability suggestions—generated from data gathered across millions of recent games at each skill bracket—to keep you up-to-date on the latest trends.
    • Whether you need advice on which hero best fits a draft, or aren't sure what to build after securing that coveted Blink Dagger, Plus Assistant is in your corner.
      • Item Suggestions
      • Ability Suggestions
      • Hero Suggestions
      • Death Summary
      • Lane Strategy
      • Post Game Analytics
      • Global Rank Trends
      • Real-Time Comparative Analytics
      • Spectator Win Probability Graph
    • Plus Perks
      • Battle Cup for Free Entry to Weekly Battle Cups
      • Access to Current Seasonal Terrain
  • Dota 2 plus will cost 3.99 usd per month with discounts if you purchase yearly subscriptions

  • Twitch Prime subscribers are now getting free PC games every month
  • The free games with prime started this March 15
  • Here are the lineup for Free games this march
    • Superhot
    • Shadow Tactics
    • Tales from Candlekeep: Tomb of Annihilation
    • Oxenfree
    • Mr. Shifty
  • And here are the free games for April
    • Tales from the Borderlands
    • SteamWorld Dig 2
    • Kingsway
    • Tokyo 42
    • Dubwars
  • That’s 10 games in the next two months, all for FREE and yours to keep forever
League of Legends
  • For League of Legends buffs are coming for Talon and Zed’s Ultimate abilities
  • According to the last PBE Cycle
  • This is included in the previously mentioned Kha'Zix, Kayn, and LeBlanc damage boost that we covered
  • The buff for Talon’s bonus AD will now 200 damage to his ultimate which is previously 160 after building 200D from buying weapons
  • Talon's passive, Blade's End, is also being tweaked to scale harder into late-game
  • Rather than starting at 75 damage and ending at 175 at level 11, it will now start at 75 damage and scale up to 245 damage at level 18
  • Zed's buff includes his base attack speed slightly going up
  • While ultimate, Death Mark, will now begin at 25 percent of Zed's damage and scale up to 55 rather than starting out at 20 percent and scaling to 45
  • Again this are PBE updates so they are still subject to change

Hanzo Scatter Rework
  • For our Overwatch news
  • Hanzo's Scatter Arrow rework is on schedule for an April PTR release
  • Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan said on the Overwatch forum
  • Blizzard will soon begin work on Overwatch sniper Hanzo's "animation, visual effects, and sound work"
  • Kaplan and the Overwatch team have addressed an intention to change the ability, It's not exactly clear what will get re-worked
  • although it's confirmed that it won't be a barrier-piercing arrow because according to Overwatch’s Principal Designer Geoff Goodman it was "fun," but felt way too frustrating to play against

Tekken 7 Noctis
  • Noctis Lucis Caelum from Final Fantasy 15 is coming to Tekken 7 next Tuesday, March 20, publisher Bandai Namco confirmed
  • Tekken 7’s third round of downloadable content will include Noctis and a variety of outfits
  • Noctis can will have at least five additional outfit options: Casual Outfit, Royal Raiment, Choco-Mog Style, Fighting King’s Raiment and Kingly Raiment
  • The DLC also includes a new stage, Hammerhead, based on the service station owned by Cid and Cindy in Final Fantasy 15.
  • The addition of Noctis was announced back in November at the Tekken World Tour finals.
  • Pricing for Noctis wasn’t announced, though it’s expected to be in line with Geese, who costs $7.99
  • Tekken 7 is available for PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One.