DOTA: Dragon's Blood Season 2 - Confirmed!

Guild of Guardians
Since the Dota: Dragon's Blood premiered last month, March 25, on Netflix, it was an instant hit to the subscribers of said app. It was really no surprise since Dota is one of the popular MOBA games. Now, the question is, will there be a season 2?


The answer is, yes. Confirmed in a tweet by the official Twitter account of Dota 2, Dota: Dragon's Blood Book 2 is really happening. Though no further details were released aside from that the season 2 is currently on the works we can be rest assured that we have something to look forward to. Dota 2 also provided what the logo looks like for this upcoming Book 2.

It was not shocking that Dota: Dragon's Blood got renewed for the second time since when it was released the impact it brought was massive. It got on the Top 10 Lists of 47 countries on Netflix. Since we still don't know when Season 2 will come, let's all just binge-watch the first season and wait with respect.