Dota Underlords, Android Q, Mobile Legends to punish Boosting, DeRank, Feed and more


Mar 4, 2015
Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Lets talk about the Mobile Legends punishable toxic behavior like boosting and intentional derank, Valve trademarks Dota Underlords, Cabal Mobile OBT? Android Q Audio Playback Capture, Pokemon Rumble Rush and Call of Duty Legends of War.

Mobile Legends Toxic Behavior
  • Recently mobile legends posted a list of toxic behaviors that they will punish
  • according to them they are committed on making the game fair and just
  • so in this video we will discuss what are those behaviors
  • To start is the intentional AFK, this are users who are away from the game who are doing something else
  • maybe watching prawns
  • so basically they will penalize users with this repeated behavior
  • do note this may affect users who have slow internet coz if you dont know internet in the Philippines is very stable
  • diba?
  • Then there is also the intentional Feed
  • this are users who deliberately just go and get themselves killed by enemy
  • so if you don't like your teammates then started throwing the match feeding will get you penalized
  • next is user who intentionally avoid team fights
  • to those who dont know mobile legends or moba games in general are team based games
  • so if you are just running around farming or not helping at all you will get penalized
  • actually dapat sa mga ganto ban na e
  • the there is also inappropriate nicknames or avatars
  • basically users with names that contain profanity are not allowed
  • then users using lewd, violent, and even infringing photos are not allowed
  • eto controversial to
  • Boosting
  • users engaged in third party services that provide boosts to raise their account ranks or even achievements are no longer allowed
  • not sure how they will detect this but beware
  • another scenario is the actor behavior
  • so whats this?
  • ito ba ung sasali ka sa pbb tpos magiging artista ka tpos mag mml tulad ni Xander Ford?
  • well not really, because what this means is the behaviors that intend to manipulate the results of the match
  • so eto ung mga teaming at iba pang manipulation
  • then if you remember there was a bug in the matchmaking system? where players are team up as a party vs solo ques
  • well now they are penalizing users who are simultaneously match making
  • then finally is the intentional derank
  • this basically means users will get penalized if they intentionally lose several matches
  • not sure how will this affect noobs
  • but this a good start
  • imagine kalaban mo si zapnu sa warrior
  • So thats all the listed behaviors
  • according to mobile legends is they will continue to strengthen the punishments and will monitor the game environment and punish the violators on a daily basis
  • they will also publicize the violators regularly
  • so far we don't know this are just penalties or permanent bans, but we suspect they will be under the prohibited behavior bans
Call of Duty Legends of War

  • The call of duty mobile game legends of war is now on early access to users who have pre registered the game
  • so if you pre registered the game will be available on the google play store, you will even receive a notification
  • do note the game is on unrelease status so you will be facing issues
  • actually according to reports users are getting a login issue and that some users who pre registered may not get an option to download
  • also in the reports is this is currently the 2nd beta testing which according to the call of duty faq
  • is that there will be more beta phases to come
Android Q

  • Ok now lets do a tech news
  • Who among are streaming on the mobile phones?
  • notice that you need to jailbreak ro do some screencast just to capture the game audio?
  • well good news
  • because the upcoming of Android called Android Q will make life easier for android gamers
  • because included in the feature is a the AudioPlaybackCapture
  • which will allow third party applications to directly record games audio
  • so meaning is if you are using omlet arcade in the future it will be possible
  • this is good specially for streamers or even those who just want to capture gameplay on their device
  • however we still have to wait because Android Q will likely launch around august this year

Dota Underlords

  • For dota news, recently we found out the Valve themselves filled a new trademark application under computer game software
  • this was filed last May 9 by Valve Corporation in Bellevue
  • - but what caught are eyes is the the word mark
  • which says “Dota Underlords”
  • so based on our assumptions
  • this might be a new dota game
  • do you think its dota 3?
  • well we highly doubt but majority of the gamers assumes this will be valves answer to dota auto chess
  • so will have to wait as they will highly likely announce this on the international 2019 on august

Cabal Mobile Pre Registration
  • Cabal Mobile pre registration is now available in the Google play store
  • however there is a catch because its only available in South Korea
  • however if you really persist you can use vpn to pre register we are not sure if you will be to play though
  • According to the reports a OBT will begin on May 21
  • we would like to remind users that there is no global release mentioned
  • they also didn't mention any english localization
  • something additional we found out was according to the upcoming games in bluestacks
  • Cabal Mobile is listed to be release this May

Pokemon Rumble Rush

  • The pokemon game Pokeland has been renamed as Pokemon Rumble Rush
  • the game will be available for iOS and Android
  • Rumble Rush gameplay is simple you travel from island to island where you gather pokemons
  • just like any other mobile games the players needs to tap the screen for the pokemons to attack
  • if you are interested the game is not available globally
  • however the games is available in Australia
  • so kung desperado ka talaga pwede ka pumunta dun or mag vpn ka