DOTA Underlords Will Starts Its Season 1 With New Updates

Valve officially announces on their site that their auto-battler game DOTA Underlord will be leaving its Beta Season on February 25 to give way to its full launch and official start of its 1st season.

With DOTA Underlord going on full blast, lots of updates have also been in store for the said game that started its early access on June 2019. A soft reset of ranks will be implemented such players who are now in Major Rank will be reset to Minor Rank 1. Those who are under the Lords of White Spire, their rank will be reset to Big Boss III. There is also a brand new default board available to players at the start of Underlord’s launching date with 5 new unlockable boards. Two new Beta season boards will also be available for players who reached level 5 in Protopass while Level 5+ Beta season players can get their hands on with Path to Sunbreeze and Streets of White Spire board.

More rewards will also be given to Beta season players who reached Level 5 like the golden Ricky Ravnehook prop for their board and a wanted poster title. Wanted posters and boards can now also be customized to your preference by earning different props in Battlepass.

You can join DOTA Underlords launch party tomorrow over Twitch and Steam TV and watch exciting battles during the said date featuring popular Underlords players. Comment on this thread below and let us hear your thoughts about the upcoming Season 1 of DOTA Underlords.