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First steps in the Last Territories
  • Once in the Shelter, look around: this is your new home and you have to restore and expand it. The first thing to do is get rid of any enemies arriving to the location and protect the stranger from them.
  • Don't rush to leave the Shelter once the stranger (her name is Riveter, by the way) is safe: there should be enough resources there to last you a while. Stroll through the home location and collect everything you can—you can store these resources in the Small Box that is already in the house.

  • You can turn on autoplay to make collecting resources easier — activate it with the button shown below. In this mode, characters will independently collect all the resources in the location and attack enemies. Note that your character will not use medications or food in autoplay mode, so you need to watch out for their condition.

  • It's time to extract resources: you can make all the tools required for this yourself. Open the Craft window.

We recommend you craft a sack first of all for easier resource collection. It's first in the craft list, you can't miss it.

  • The resources you've already found in the Shelter should be enough to craft your first tools—you can do this in the Craft window. Tools are special items used to extract resources: Hammers are used to extract Concrete and Scrap Metal, while axes are used for Raw Planks.
    You can find Concrete Blocks to the right of your house and Empty Barrels on the top of the home location. Trees, from which Raw Planks are sourced, grow nearby.
  • Your character may be hungry and thirsty at this point. Hunger and thirst are two of the most important indicators for survival, and you can see them in the inventory. Don't forget to feed and water your character: if these indicators drop to a critical level, your character will start to lose his health. You can draw water from the Well near your house and collect food from the Garden Patch to the left of the house. We'll explain how to do that below.

  • A gift of Water and Grilled Meat arrives into the Storage daily. It will help you survive another day in the Last Territories. Tap the button in the illustration to open the Storage. Items will remain there indefinitely unless there is a timer above them. You can pick up items at any time if you have free space in your inventory. Rewards you receive for quests and сhallenges also go into the Storage.

The best way to provide yourself with food is to cook it yourself. In Dawn of Zombies, you use benches for production and for processing resources. Benches can be crafted in the Craft window. To cook something you should grow it first. Let's give it a go.
Open the Garden Patch—we've already shown you where you can find it. Here is a bench window.

  • Note that in Dawn of Zombies you don't need to store source resources in your pockets to produce something on a Bench: every item stored in the Shelter's boxes is available directly from the Bench window.
  • Production will start automatically when you put every ingredient required onto the Bench. You can do this in two ways: drag the necessary resources into the appropriate slot or simply double-click on the resource icon.
  • Some of the Benches require fuel as well as resources for production. Fuel must be placed in the appropriate slot, as indicated in the illustration below. Note that different Benches needs different resources: Strider's Bonfire requires Planks, Lab Table needs water and so on.

  • To stop production just drag any of the ingredients into the inventory. Note that the fuel unit in use can't be returned.
  • You can upgrade the Benches in your Shelter: new levels unlock production of advanced resources. To upgrade a Bench, open it and unload all resources from it. Press on the Upgrade button under the Bench icon to see the list of resources and character level required.

Beyond the Shelter
  • It's time to leave the Shelter and explore the Last Territories! Talk to Riveter, contact the Settlement with RADD and head to the global map: you need to go into the fog on the home location's border to do this. Don't forget to take an Axe and a Hammer with you—they will come in handy in the Ravaged Settlement. Remember that these can be made in the Craft window.
  • When you've gone beyond the Shelter you will find yourself on the global map. You will see many different locations around you, but Ravaged Settlement, which is south-east of your home, is the most important one right now. Tap on the Settlement's image: a text box will appear above the location indicating what resources can be found there. Two buttons will appear below: Walk and Run.
    We recommend you use Run to move through the Last Territories in this case— Run consumes energy but helps you get to destinations quickly. We'll tell you how to restore energy later.

  • After you've finished with the bandits in the Ravaged Settlement, don't rush to leave: there is a lot of loot in the location that its residents no longer require. You can't take it all at once: go to your Shelter, load your swag into a Box (craft another Box if necessary) and return to the Ravaged Settlement to collect the rest.
  • Talk to Riveter. Complete several of the daily quests shown on the Board next to Riveter.

  • You can find information about the plot and daily quests in your PDA—this is an unusual device that was probably designed in the secret city Ozersk-2. It's not clear how you got it, but it contains a short message from Sherp. You can open the PDA by tapping the button in the illustration.

  • If you have trouble completing a quest or if you have forgotten some of its details, go to the Quests tab in your PDA. Here you can find detailed information about your quests.
  • You can use the PDA as well as the Board mentioned previously to open the daily quests' list. Find out more about daily quests below.

Daily Quests
  • Daily Quests start automatically after they appear. You will get special progress points for completing each Daily Quest—the number of points is shown on the quest card. The points received fill the progress bar below—when you reach a certain number of points on the progress bar you will get a Reward Chest with random cool loot.
  • There is hint button on each quest card that will make it easier to complete the quest.
  • You can use gold to activate premium mode: this unlocks access to additional Daily Quests with higher rewards and extra rewards on the progress bar. You will receive useful items and gold for certain premium Daily Quests—so you could even fully recover the amount spent on premium mode activation.

PDA's function
  • Plot and Daily Quests aren't the only tabs available in the PDA

  • Collect perseverance rewards from the Challenges tab—they can make it significantly easier to survive in the Last Territories or help in very difficult situations. On a daily basis, you could receive a Military Stimulator, which increases attack speed, food, medications and a Chest with random useful swag.
  • Records found in the Last Territories go into a special tab in your PDA after being read. You can look at them here at any time.
  • Unique items for quests like keys to chests in the Warehouse or an Ammo Box for the settler from the Besieged House are stored in the Items tab. They remain on your PDA even if your character dies.
Fighting technique
  • Tread warily: a frontal attack isn't always your best option. Attack enemies from the bushes, keep your distance if you are using a long-range weapon, and don't forget about throwing weapons and artifacts. Tap the relevant button to go into stealth mode.

  • There are two states of stealth in Dawn of Zombies. First, you can simply sneak up on your enemy and mount a surprise stab in the back with increased damage. However, don't expect your enemy not to see a character sneaking up under their nose. And don't forget about hygiene — if your character hasn't washed for a while, it will be easy to sniff them out.

    Second, you can hide in the bushes in locations. When your character is hiding in the bushes, enemies will not notice them even if they are looking directly at them. A red circle appears around your character in this state — it indicates the area in which you can strike an unexpected hit with increased damage from the bushes.

  • Try to lure enemies one by one: even if the enemies are weak, together they can still pose a serious threat even to experienced striders.
  • Pick the right weapon for each situation and switch it if necessary: don't waste a powerful machine gun on weak charred or wolves.
    To quickly switch weapons, tap the icon located to the right of the action button. When you tap the weapon switch button, your character picks up the weakest of the weapons available, if you tap again, they will take the next one up and so on until they reach the strongest. If you need a specific weapon, hold the weapon switch button down — a list of all the weapons in your inventory will appear.

  • Remember that elite mobs, who can be recognized by their orange names, restore their health when they back off your character or if you run away from the location.
  • Using quick access slots will help extend the life of your character. You initially have one such slot and you can unlock a second by wearing a Strider’s Tactical Vest or an upgraded version of it.
    You can put bandages, throwing weapons, artifacts or food in quick access slots. When you tap a slot, items will be spent one by one. Please note that you can quickly change the content of a slot by holding down on it: a list of items that you can place in it will be displayed.
    Another useful feature of the quick access slot is simplified crafting of basic items. For example, if your character has scrap metal in their inventory, you can quickly make throwing knives by tapping the Create button. Bandages are crafted from rags in a similar way.

Foray prep
  • It's time to think about the food. Food can be found in the locations, but be careful: some products are contaminated with radiation. Make sure your Shelter always has food, and don't forget to take food with you — it would be a shame to die of hunger just because stocks have run out.
  • You are now ready to explore the Last Territories. We recommend you visit one of the simple locations first. Their names are highlighted in green on the global map. Your enemies will not be very strong, but there will not be many unique resources either. You will have to search for those in the more difficult locations. Green locations are great for extracting basic resources, such as concrete, raw planks, scrap metal and plant seeds.
Character's demise
  • If your character dies in a regular location, you will lose all the items you have with you — you need to look after your character.
  • If your character dies in the Shelter or in a special event location, a special box appears where they died. The box contains the items you had with you when your character died. We recommend you pick these up as soon as possible.

  • Note that you can find only those items that were with you at the moment of the last death. It means that you will lose the original swag if you die again in the Shelter or in a special event location.
  • The best way to avoid death is not to overestimate your strength. If you think you can't win a fight — run. It's better to not get all the swag from a location than to die there.
Where I can find swag?
  • Finding the resources you need for survival will be much easier if you use the Where to look? button. If you don't have enough resources, the button appears in the craft window — when you tap it, you'll see a list of locations where the items required are most often found or the name of the bench on which you can make the resource.

  • The best way to get gunshot, armor and rare resources is in special events, such as the Besieged House, the Warehouse aberrated zone, or by making deals with traders. Buy closed boxes from traders — they can contain very rare and valuable samples. We'll explain more about how trade works later.
  • In the Last Territories you can find artifacts: unusual items with unique properties. How these emerged and how they work exactly remains a mystery, but experienced striders know what properties they have. Some will restore a character's parameters or damage enemies, some are used by traders as a universal currency, and others reverse time and can destroy half of the Universe's inhabitants - the usual stuff.
There are several ways to get the artifacts:
1. Artifacts can be obtained from the aberration in the "Mysterious Basement" special event.
2. Several valuable artifacts can be obtained in the Warehouse event.
3. You can also find artifacts in regular locations. The more difficult a location, the more likely you are to stumble upon an artifact.
4. You can identify unidentified artifacts that you found in the Last Territories on a special bench in the Shelter. We'll explain how to do this below.
Shelter Arrangement
  • You can change the Shelter at your discretion. To do this, you need to go into arrangement mode.

Note that there are two tabs in this mode: construction and furnishings.

  • Construction allows you to work on walls, floors, fences and barriers. Furnishings cover the benches and furniture in your Shelter. For either you can move, remove, or upgrade selected objects using the relevant buttons.

  • To upgrade floors or walls in the Shelter, select the required object in construction mode — three buttons will light up. Select the button on the right - Upgrade.
    Please note that you can only upgrade walls that are installed on upgraded floors.
  • Be sure to install a Planning Bench in the Shelter — you can make it with simple materials and the quality planks made on it will be needed for the construction of other benches. By the way, quality planks burn more slowly than raw ones, so it's convenient to use them as fuel.
  • Set up a loom at the first opportunity: in it you can process grass into rags from which rough bandages will be crafted — these will be very useful at the start.
  • If you are unable to install a bench, check whether there is available space in the Shelter. Some benches require a level 2 or 3 floor, others can only be installed on the ground.
    Pay attention to the item limit in the settings tab — some items have a limit on the number that can be installed in the Shelter.

  • Don't forget that your Shelter has a large basement, where you can also install floors, walls and benches. Access to it opens through the plotline.
  • You can upgrade boxes as well as benches — there is an Upgrade button at the bottom of the container window. When you tap it, a list of required resources appears. Try to upgrade the boxes as soon as possible — the higher the level a container has, the more space it has.

  • You will meet a lot of people who want to trade in the Last Territories. When you access the global map, you can receive a notification when a trader has appeared near your Shelter. Do not rush to them immediately — first you need to find out what the trader is offering. Go back to the Shelter and activate RADD — the trader will send you a pricelist, which shows what goods are available and their price. Please note that Lewkowicz, who resides in the Warehouse, doesn't send pricelists — he prefers to work the old-fashioned way.
  • Get to the trader and talk to him to open an exchange window. To make a deal, select the goods you are interested in and tap the Exchange button.
  • Not all goods are available for exchange at first — you'll need to improve relations with the trader to unlock access to them. Relations improve every time you successfully make a deal. Please note that if you do not trade for a long time, the trader's attitude towards you will begin to deteriorate.

What do I do next?
  • Eventually, your character will get tired. Energy can be restored in several ways:
1. Food.
2. Using the Energizer artifact which can be found in the special events.
3. If you have no energy, you will be offered the chance to restore it for gold.
4. Energy is restored automatically in the player's Shelter, if there are no enemies in the location. Sleeping bags, deck chairs and wooden beds speed up energy recovery, but only one item of each type has an effect.
  • Radiation can be removed by washing with soap in the shower — an upgraded washbasin. A-Rad and some other remedies that you can find in the Latest Territories may also be used to reduce radiation.
  • Watch out for hygiene — if a character hasn't washed for a long time, it will be easier for enemies to sniff them out. In addition, uncleanliness increases the risk of catching unpleasant diseases. Washbasins are available in the craft window — characters only need water to clean up.

  • Develop the Shelter — the better your base, the easier it is to survive in the Last Territories. Don't let benches stand idle and improve them as much as possible. Don't forget about defending the Shelter — strengthen the walls, build fences and additional turrets. Siege mode will be developed in Dawn of Zombies, so it's better to strengthen the Shelter in advance.
Tips from experienced Striders
  • Look around carefully: sometimes you can stumble upon caches, where you will find useful items after you dig them out. You need a shovel for excavation.
  • You'll need two items to operate the Artifact Identifier: the Unidentified Artifact and the Artifact Identification Disk. You can find them in locations in the game, the more difficult the location — the higher the chance of finding them.
    Insert the Unidentified Artifact and the Disk into the identifier slots and wait for completion of the process. You will receive an artifact that can be used.

  • Your character has acute hearing and sharp eyesight — pay attention to what they say and you will learn about approaching enemies in advance.
  • Don't relax, even if you have cleared a location of enemies: you never know when a monster or a bandit might suddenly appear in the Last Territories.
  • Remember that the Last Territories are changeable. If you're sent on a quest to a specific location, but you can't find the required object — try going back there.
  • Make progress gradually: first clear the green locations, collect resources on them and level up — then move to the yellow locations, upgrade benches, improve armor and only then move on to clearing the most difficult locations and special events.
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