Dr Disrespect introduces his new shooting game DEADROP

Doc coined the title "DEADROP," a vertical extraction shooter, although it appears to be some variation on Escape from Tarkov combined with aspects of The Cycle or Warzone.


The early test footage from the live event's gameplay reveal has not yet advanced to include an actual match. It mostly serves as a simulator for a firing range and an investigation of a portion of the skyscraper area. Only the fundamentals are seen in this early film, but the core premise appears to be to battle your way past humans and AI enemies to the top where you may be picked up by a helicopter.

But The Doc, who oversaw the creation of the maps for Advanced Warfare, is bringing something a little new to the table: height. Midnight Society is launching into the FPS market with a shooter that will take players from the ground level up, unlike Tarkov and other more battle royale-style games like Apex Legends, PUBG, and Warzone, which stay to the battlefield at their feet and add some buildings.

Guy Beahm, the man behind the Dr. Disrespect mask, has big expectations for the game and a "HUGE vision" as well, but fans are currently less enthusiastic.

What is DEADROP?
DEADROP is "the first vertical extraction shooter," according to Dr Disrespect and the developers at his Midnight Society studio. Extraction shooters, which include titles like Tarkov, frequently have a gameplay structure resembling battle royales. The key distinction from most extraction shooters is that people frequently load onto the area in pursuit of looting firearms and other in-game objects deemed valuable rather than merely fighting to remove all other players in the game. In contrast, AI groups and other players fight for the same resources.


After a player or team locates the objects they are looking for, they proceed to extraction sites.The player keeps the treasure they've collected while on the map if they successfully depart it, but if they die before that, they often lose all of their game progress.

The developers of DEADROP believe that what makes it unique is its "vertical" component.

That becomes even more obvious when you take into account the play on "drop" in the game's name and the emblem, which features a skull with an arrow pointing downward.

Gameplay details
Players will need to climb up and down these structures rather than go over vast plains and through deep woods in DEADROP's levels, which replace the expansive landscapes that exist on only one or two vertical planes.


These structures are known as "Refiner States" in the game's backstory, and the resources that players must gather are called "Space Dust," a medicine manufactured from refined pollutants gathered from the stratosphere. There will be a variety of factions that players may choose to play as or engage in combat with, including the Skins, Syns, and Cleaners.